10 Greatest Pittsburgh Meals Vehicles You Can Discover Immediately

Bridge Crosser is an insult in Pittsburgh. Unless you’re a food truck. Those vagabond cooks behind roaming kitchens bring herbs and spices from Pittsburgh’s Silk Road – the blue belt. The passing tastes and smells have become what some of us say about time during quarantine. Kimchi is in the air on Wednesdays. Fresh Strip District green on Sundays. Now that winter has passed, it’s an excellent time to discover milestone meals.

I’ve been in the back of many food trucks that hitchhiked from one part of town to another. I enjoyed menu, off-menu and secret menus. Out of the dozen of food trucks, here is a list of the best Pittsburgh food trucks to experience in 2021.

10. Franktuary

Franktuary Food Truck serves hot dogs at a festival. Foo Conner | Jekko.

Franktuary is one of the leaders of the food renaissance in Pittsburgh. It all started in a church basement and a hot dog suit. Known then as Hot Dogma, the brand passed away and bounced back three days later as Frankuary, the restaurant we all know and love today. High quality and vegetarian friendly also. I know, I know. There is a secret guilt we all share when eating hot dogs in a restaurant. But when you are served fancy Franks from a food truck, the pleasure you owe is socially acceptable.

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