Pittsburgh Climate: Labor Day rain showers result in first Alert Climate Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There will be no washout today, but there will be rain.

Today: A flood warning is in effect until 11 p.m. The clock could be extended to Tuesday, with another rainy day expected.

Any alert days ahead? I posted a First Alert Weather Day for today. May be extended to Tuesday.

Deliberately: We need rain and I have a chance of rain on 5 of our next 7 days.

While most will see less than an inch of rain, there will be some spots where more than an inch will be seen.

There is also a chance to see significant amounts of rain of 2 to 4 inches of rain in one or two locations. For this reason, today is a first alarm weather day.

In the past 24 hours, we saw the heaviest rain locations south of I-80 in Mercer and Fayette counties. Radar estimates show an area south of Youngstown, OH to Mercer that is recording more than 4 inches of rain in a short period of time.

A flood (area) watch means flash flooding is possible during the watch. The “area” part means that the monitored region is broad or part of a large area threatened by large amounts of rain.


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Of course, as this is a bank holiday weekend there will be a lot of people around rivers and lakes and generally in places that are low lying or prone to flooding, like mountains with steep climbs.

Flash floods can occur with little to no warning. Given the isolated nature of the heavy rainmakers throughout the day, I can’t tell you exactly where flash floods will occur, but it appears locations in the Laurels and Ridges will have the highest odds.


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If you get through today, there is also a chance to see a first alert weather day on Tuesday. The biggest uncertainty for me when it comes to forecasting rain comes on Wednesday as the EURO shows big rain totals through Wednesday and the GFS long range model shows us almost dry on Wednesday.


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Their air conditioners will be on hiatus for the next few days, with highs just hitting the low 70s today. I have highs in the 70’s through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday seeing highs in the low 80’s.


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I will say that even on Friday and Saturday the humidity should remain in the mid to low range meaning it still feels good even if we see the highs returning to the 80’s.


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Ron Smiley

Ron Smiley

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