A Letter from the Editor: The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Calm Earlier than the Storm

There are moments when time flies. That’s true of all walks of life, but for this editor-in-chief, it’s especially true of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When you steer the team as closely as we do at BTSC, there are always events on the horizon. Springboards to getting back to the games that really matter. Considering the NFL has become a year-long activity, there are many events to keep tabs on while fans await the shortest regular season in pro sports.

  • The regular season ends
  • Preparations for the NFL Draft begin

  • Beginning of the new league year
  • The free agency begins
  • NFL Scouting Combine
  • NFL draft
  • Beginner mini camp
  • OTAs/Mandatory Minicamp
  • NFL schedule release
  • Training camps/preseason/roster cuts
  • The regular season begins

With each of these events, there are times when the regular season seems so far away, yet it always arrives on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately, as quickly as it arrives, it goes away again and the above-mentioned cycle begins again.

As I sit here writing this article, I have a hard time imagining how crazy it is to know that the Steelers season starts next Sunday in Cincinnati. There has been so much change and turnover within the team/organization this off-season that to say it has been eventful is an extreme understatement.

The off-season was crazy, sometimes chaotic and really fun. The hope is that it all leads to a competitive 2022 season. The expectation of making it through the postseason and going on a run, something that hasn’t happened in a while, remains the standard, but with so many changes this offseason, a competitive season ending in a playoff stint is considered a big one viewed success.

At this point in preseason, I always tell myself to just slow down. Record everything and enjoy the process. We’re all so wrapped up in the little things of the season that it often feels like it’s just a tiny blip on the radar. We go over the schedule and look at things like bye week or prime time games.

Not for me, not this year.

My declaration, right here and now, is to take every game as worthwhile. To enjoy the season in its entirety, win, lose or draw. I want the Steelers to win, but I also want to savor every ounce of this 2022 season.

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