Final Of Us Half 1: All Easter Eggs & References

Videogame developers absolutely love putting hidden references to modern pop culture, real-life places, and especially to some of their own previous games into their latest works. The original Last of Us was filled with easter eggs and references, and its remake, while including some new ones, changed the locations of some of the original’s easter eggs. In today’s guide, we will discuss all the easter eggs we could find in Last of Us Part 1.

Last of Us Part 1 is the remake of the original Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The journey of Joel and Ellie through a post-apocalyptic America swarming with zombies or clickers, as the game like to call them, and the hostile cult of Firefly members is not an easy one. You need to have all the help you can get in order to survive this harsh journey.

So whether it’s your first time or a revisit to this world, consider going through our guides on the best weapons, best weapon upgrades, best skills, and best combat tips for the Last of Us Part 1.

The journey and the dynamic between Joel and Ellie is an unforgettable one and will forever remain timeless. But since this is a remake, you might want to know what improvements have been made and how well the overall game holds up by today’s standards. So for more on the comparison with the original and newly added features, go through our review on Last of Us Part 1.

Photo Of Naughty Dog’s Team

A photo of Naughty Dog’s development team, the creators of Last of Us, can be found in Saraha’s room during the prologue.

Dawn Of The Wolf

A poster of a film called “Dawn of the Wolf” can be found initially in Sarah’s Room but appears all over the game in different variants. This poster is a reference to a vampire-themed romance film saga called Twilight. The Twilight Saga is based on a novel by Stephenie Mayer of the same name.

Naughty Dog’s Building

Naughty Dog Building

In Chapter 5, Pittsburgh, a huge building, can be spotted with an N.D. logo. This is a reference to the developers of Last of Us, Naughty Dog. Also, consider going through our guide on Last of Us Part 1 safe codes, and learn how to unlock all the safes in the game.

Playstation 3 Console

The original Last of Us was definitely one of the highlights of PS3’s generation, and references to this console can be found all over the game, in both the original and the remake. The Playstation console can be initially found under the television set of Joel’s house. Later on, you can see another one. Later on, you can spot another one in Larry’s T.V. & Stereo, which is a store Elie passes through after escaping David during the Lakeside Resort chapter.

Uncharted 13: A Lush Movie

Throughout the primary campaign of the Last of Us and the Left Behind DLC, you can find a number of newspapers by The Daily Metro. If you zoom in on those newspapers, you can see a headline stating, ” Uncharted 13: A Lush Movie starring Justin Bieber as Drake”. 

Here Drake refers to the protagonist of the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake. While you are at it, also consider going through our guide on the locations of training manuals in the Last of Us Part 1.

Music Records

Albums referencing various real-life bands and albums can be found in the Marquis Music Store during Chapter 4, “Bill’s Town”. Furthermore, more references related to music can be found in the store called Octopus Records, which can be found in the Left Behind DLC of the Last of Us Part 1. Below we have listed all the music records easter eggs you can find in the Last of Us Part 1:

  • Into the Breach by Blaggard Boys –  this is a reference to an album released in 1981 by AC/DC called “For Those About to Rock”. 
  • Unidentified Objects by FULLFUNK – this is a reference to one of the albums released by the Parliament in 1975. The name of the album was Mothership Connection.
  • The Shambles – The Shambles is a singing trio whose album “An Evening with the Shambles” can be seen through The Last of Us in different shapes and sizes. The name of the band is also a reference to one of the hidden cities Nathan sought after during the events of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The Walking Dead By Telltale Games

Telltale gamesClementine‘s House is found in the Last of Us Part 1.

One of the houses you visit with Bill and Ellie during the main story looks very identical to a house featured in 2012’s episodic video game The Walking Dead, developed by Telltale Games. Both games are very similar in terms of how both feature a post-apocalyptic zombie setting while heavily relying on the story and characters.

Nate’s Theme

After Ellie learns to whistle during the ‘Pittsburg” chapter, you will notice that the tune of her whistle is very similar to “Nate’s Theme” from the Uncharted series. One of the collectibles you will keep finding during your journey is Firefly Pendants, so why not go through our guide on the locations of all Firefly Pendants in Last of Us Part 1?

Wan Pi Gou

Chinese RestaurantA hidden easter egg that references Naughty Dog.

One of the shootouts in Pittsburgh takes place near a Chinese restaurant. If you google translate the restaurant’s name into English, you will find out that the restaurant’s name translates into Naughty Dog. This is another nice hidden easter egg in Last of Us Part 1.

1000 Ways To Cook Squirrel

1000 Ways to Cook is Squirrel is a book that can be found on different bookshelves throughout The Last of Us. The book is apparently a reference to Daryl Dixon, a notorious squirrel hunter. 

JAK Company Poster

Near the place where you find the “mob attack note”, you will be able to see a poster about employee rights. If analyzed carefully, you will notice that the publishers of this poster, Jak Company, share a name similar to another of Naughty Dog’s games. That’s right, this is yet another reference to Jak & Daxter series developed by Naughty Dog. Furthermore, if you carefully analyze the poster, you will see a URL  on it which will take you to The Last of Us website.

Nathan Drake And Jak & Daxter Plush Toys

Toys based of Naughty Dog's previous worksJak & Daxter and Nathan Drake Toys were found on a dresser.

In the original Last of Us, if you visit the child’s room in Serenity apartments after meeting with Henry and Sam, you can see Jak and Daxter Plush toys on the dresser. In the remake, however, Jak and Daxter plush toys are also joined by a Nathan Drake plush toy.

Film Posters

You can find a couple of film posters inside the locked room on the second floor of the serenity apartments. You can use Joel’s shiv to open the door, and upon entering the room, you will find the following posters:

  • Hair Trigger – It is a reference to 2002’s action thriller “The Transporter”, directed by Corey Yuen.
  • The Season of Vengence – This is a reference to 2003’s action film “The Last Samurai”, directed by Edward Zwick.
  • The Lost Kingdom – The Lost Kingdom is a reference to the Indiana Jones franchise, with Steven Spielberg being the director of most entries.

Naughty Dog’s Mousepad 

Mousepads with Naughty Dog’s logo on them can be found on several computer desks throughout the game. The first one can be found in a shiv room of Serenity Apartments in Pittsburgh. Another can be found in Spenzur Architecture, the office where Henry and Sam temporarily resided. And lastly, another of those Naughty Dog’s mousepads can be found on the second-story bedroom of the ranch house in Chapter 7, “Tommy’s Dam”.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

A poster outside of a toy store near Castro Cycles can be found with the text saying, “I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE”. This is a lyric from one of Queen’s songs, “Bicycle Race”. Fire is one of the most useful elements that can be used against both clickers and humans, and learning how to craft a Molotov is essential; for that, go through our guide on Last of Us Part 1 Molotov.

Uncharted And Jak & Daxter Board Games

Jak & Daxter board gamesJack & Daxter and Uncharted Board game found in the University section of the Last of Us Part 1

In the original Last of Us, Uncharted and Jak & Daxter Board games could be found in the ChooCoo Toys Store. However, in the remake, the board games aren’t there since their location has been changed.

In Last of Us Part 1, the Uncharted and Jak & Daxter board games can be found in the University of Eastern Colorado dorm rooms. The room with the board games can be found at the end of the hallway where you fight the Bloater. More Jak & Daxter and Uncharted plush toys can be found in the same room as well.

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub

Uncharted 3 Easter EggJoel is standing outside of O’Sullivan’s Pub.

Near the bridge in Pittsburgh, you can find a restaurant bar by the name of O’Sullivan’s Pub. For those who don’t know, Sullivan is the surname of the major character of the Uncharted series, Victor Sullivan. If you head inside the bar, you will find yourself in a very familiar place if you have played Uncharted 3. This pub is the exact same place where Nathan Drake had a bar fight with some goons in the starting moments of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Java Jak 

Right outside O’Sullivan’s Pub, you will be able to spot a coffee cart with the name “Java Jak’. This is a reference to, you guessed it, Jak & Daxter franchise. Another one of these carts can be found outside of Raja’s Arcade during the “Fun & Games” chapter of Left Behind DLC.

Earth Abide

Chronicles of IshEarth Abide easter egg in Last of Us Part 1

In Chapter 6, “The Suburbs,” you can find several notes written by a person named Ish. The notes chronicle his journey and the community he was a part of. This is a reference to the character Ish Williams from a 1979 post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel Earth Abides, written by George R. Stewart.

This is further backed up by the fact that the Director of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, made a tweet showing his interest in Earth Abide. Also, Ellie and Ish even share the same surname, which may or may not be a coincidence.

Stress Cereal

During various sections of the game, especially during”The Suburbs” and “Tommy’s Dam” chapters, you can find boxes of cereal referencing ‘Trix’ cereal. The overall look of the box and its mascot is slightly altered, with the title getting replaced with Stress Cereal and the mascot holding a glass of wine.

Infected Inside, Do Not Open

You can find a warning with the text “Warning: Infected Inside, do not Open”, right after you escape the sewers. This is a reference to the first episode of “The Walking Dead” T.V. show, where a sign stating the exact same thing is found by the protagonist of the series, Rick Grimes.

The Game Of Strife 

In Chapter 7 ” Tommy’s Dam”, the search for Ellie takes Joel and Tommie to a Hidden Pines Coral Ranch House. If you head to the second-story bedroom, you will find a board game called The Game of Strife on top of a dresser. This is a reference to a real-life board game called The Game of Life but in a much gloomier sense.

Lev Benioff

Earth AbidesThe note referencing the novel City of Thieves by David Benioff

During the University chapter, you can find a newspaper clipping that says, “U.S. MILITARY RECALLS SEARCH EFFORT –  By Lev Benioff”. This is a reference to the 2008 historical fiction novel “The City of Thieves”, by David Benioff. Naughty Dog has always cited The City of Thieves, as a major inspiration for the Last of Us. Furthermore, a major side character was also named Lev in Last of Us Part 2.

The Road 

In Chapter 9 “Lakeside Resort”, you can find a book in Ellie’s backpack called “To Get to the Other Side”, by Kathryn McCormack. This is a reference to the author of the 2006 post-apocalyptic novel “The Road”, Cormac McCarthy. Of all the inspirations of the Last of Us, The Road is definitely one of the most obvious ones. The overall narrative structure of The Road is very similar to the Last of Us, featuring a journey of a Father and his Son as they make their way through an ash-covered post-apocalyptic United States. 

Another major reference The Last of Us makes to The Road is during one of its ending sequences. Both the Last of Us and The Road end with the exact same final close-up shot of the child figure (Ellie and The Boy) saying “OK” before the screen turns black.

EndingsThe ending shots of both The Last of Us Part 1 and The Road (2009)

Faithful Dog

After escaping David in Chapter 9 “Lakeside Resort”, Ellie enters a pet store called Faithful Dog. This is a reference to the developers of the game Naughty Dog.

Phurba Dagger

After you drop down into the kitchen of Todd’s Steakhouse as Ellie, move into the back office where you can find a notice board with a piece of paper that says “Phurba Dagger”. This is a reference to one of the artifacts you find in Uncharted 2, which has the same name.

NDI Sticker

LogoNDI Logo found in one of the bathrooms, referencing Uncharted 3

In Chapter 10 “Bus Depot”  you can find an NDI sticker in the bathroom stall of Logan James Bus Station. Not only is this sticker a reference to Uncharted 3, but the bathroom itself is very identical to one present in Uncharted 3, where this sticker was actually located.

Eye Chart

A missable easter eggEye Chart with the text ” RUN YOU R NEARLY THERE DON’T QUIT”.

Several eye charts can be spotted in the Firefly’s lab at Saint Mary’s Hospital, but there is one with a special message. This one is easy to miss because of the heightened tension created by the story, but you can spot it when you are carrying Ellie out of the hospital. The eye chat reads, “RUN YOU R NEARLY THERE DON”T QUIT”.

Nathan Drake Costumes

Packaged Nathan Drake costumes can be found during the first chapter of Left Behind DLC “Mallrats”. The costumes are located in the Spooky Town Costume Emporium located in Liberty Garden Mall.

Jak X Costume

In the same store, packaged costumes of Jak from Jack X can also be found just beside Nathan’s costumes. Another reference to Jack & Daxter series.

Mortal Kombat II

Mk IIA hidden reference to Mortal Kombat II – Credits to Naughty Dog Central

A poster of Mortal Kombat II can be spotted during the initial moments of the Left Behind DLC of the Last of Us Part 1. This is of those easter eggs that weren’t present in the original and only can be seen in the remake. As of now, it isn’t known if it is a teaser to something or just a nice little easter egg Naughty Dog wanted to put in their game. Ed Boon, director of the Mortal Kombat franchise hasn’t responded to this yet.

Raja’s Arcade

During the chapter “Fun & Games”, you can easily spot a huge arcade in the Liberty Gardens mall called Raja’s Arcade. This is a reference to the Raja siblings from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Eddy, and Rika Raja.

Jak X: Combat Racing Arcade Game

If you stroll around Raja’s Arcade, you can find an out-of-order arcade machine called Jak X: Combat Racing. This is a reference to a Jak & Daxter game of the same name, developed by Naughty Dog.

Ellie’s T-Shirts

God of WarEllie is wearing a T-shirt with God of War’s logo on it.

After you beat the main campaign of Last of Us Part 1, a couple of new t-shirts will unlock for Ellie, referencing various Sony I.P.s and Naughty Dog itself. T-shirts referencing God of War, Shadow of Colossus, Returnal, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon are among some of them you unlock for Ellie. For more on unlockable skins and costumes, check out our guide on all costumes in Last of Us Part 1.

Daniel Kinnard

TributeTribute to the producer of Last of Us Part 1’s Visual Arts.

During the farmhouse sequence, when Joel and Tommy are looking for Ellie, a poster depicting Daniel Kinnard can be found in of the rooms. The poster has Daniel Kinnard wearing baseball attire, with gloves and a baseball lying on the table in front of it. 

Daniel Kinnard was the producer of Last of Us Part 1 Visual Arts, who sadly passed away during the development, and this was Naught Dog’s way of paying tribute to him for all of his services.

This concludes our guide on all easter eggs and references in The Last of Us Part 1. Let us know about any new easter eggs you found during your playthrough in the comments below.

Last of Us Part 1 is currently available for PlayStation 5 with a PC port currently in development.

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