‘You’ll have a white Christmas’: Outdated Farmers Almanac predicts a chilly, lengthy, snowy winter

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you liked the temperatures this weekend…well…you won’t like the latest forecast for the coming winter from The Old Farmers Almanac, released just this week.

Published every year since 1972, the almanac is known for its farming tips, humor, distinctive yellow cover and weather forecast.

We spoke to Editor Janice Stillman, the editor for this edition of the Sunday Business Page, and she said that by using solar analysis, climatology and meteorology, her weather forecasts are 80 percent accurate.

The winter forecast for western Pennsylvania?

Cold, snowy and long.

“It’s going to be very cold with above-average snow,” she said. “This will start with some teaser snow in early November and beware at the end of the month after a wet Thanksgiving as it will be snowy and very cold. December will pick up on this theme and it will be cold and blustery the first. It will feel like Christmas all month long. You will have a white Christmas.”

As for January and February, things could be worse.

Even more snow with cold temperatures of at least seven degrees below normal is on the horizon.

You can check out my full interview with Janice Stillman above!

Jon Delano

Jon Delano

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