13 Methods to Have fun 143 Days in Pittsburgh

Rogers once said: “There are three ways to achieve ultimate success. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.”

As a way to celebrate Fred Rogers’ legacy of tenderness, Governor Tom Wolf declared May 23 as follows:1-4-3 daysFrom today to Sunday, we ask the Pennsylvanians to thank each other.

Why May 23rd? This is the 143rd day of the year, but Rogers often uses “143” to mean “I love you” because he has one letter for “I”, four letters for “love”, and three letters for “you”. I did.

After experiencing a lot of hardship and heartache last year, I didn’t need any more time to spread love, do good deeds, and help my neighbors. We all have the power to make positive changes in our communities by taking only one action at a time.

If yinz is looking for a little inspiration I came up with a list of 13 ways you can celebrate # 143DayInPA in what Rogers called home.

Pittsburgh greeting card set (📸: @lovepittsburghshop).

1) Write a compassionate note to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

With the increase in vaccinations, we are finally able to meet some of our family and friends again, but many of us still have lost special people in our lives. Put your heart into the paper and send notes to people you haven’t seen in a while. The excitement of receiving a snail email from a friend is completely unsatisfying.

We recommend using the following Pittsburgh-themed cards: Love, these things from Pittsburgh??

2) Donate or volunteer to your favorite local charity.

There are many Pittsburgh nonprofits doing a great job of supporting the community. Especially these days, so many neighbors are in trouble.

Need some ideas?check out 412 Food rescueWith thousands of volunteers, you can collect health food and redistribute it to those who need it while keeping it out of the waste stream.You can also help welcome Pittsburgh’s latest neighbors seeking evacuation. Hello neighborTransform the vulnerable Pittsburgh district from scratch Neighboring alliesOr for children in need of a happy birthday Beverly’s birthday..Oh, and don’t forget the organizations that are helping COVID-19 bail out Pittsburgh Restaurant Worker Assistance..

3) “Reddened” your neighborhood.

It’s as easy as holding a trash bag, putting on gloves, and hitting the street. Get inspired by the Pittsburgh Street Steward. The Pittsburgh Street Steward is a volunteer organization of residents who “red” designated streets in 90 districts of our city. Group visits allow you to learn about the areas in which you are hired and where you need your steward. Instagram And Facebook page.

Janoski’s Farm & Greenhouse (📸: @francesca_dabecco).

4) Buy someone’s flower (or plant).

Gifting the beauty of nature will soon improve someone’s day. Here is a list of NEXT Pittsburgh owned by a local woman. Flower shopIn addition, you can get the plants in different parts of the town, including local farms and greenhouses. Soil Sisters Or The city grows..

5) Pay for someone’s order behind you.

One good deed can stimulate the spillover effect, and even the smallest gesture can change someone’s day. Whether you’re ordering coffee, checking out with the Giant Eagle, or pumping petrol with the Sheetz, you can prepay by swiping the person’s card behind you.

6) Thank you to the frontline workers.

Light glimmers at the end of the tunnel, but we can’t forget all the frontline workers. From nurses and doctors to grocery store clerks and USPS workers, many of our neighbors are committed to serving the community.Maybe you can even give special thanks to local “state store” employees — I know yinz relied specially on them this year..

7) Be gentle on the go.

All Pittsburgh drivers know the sensation of confusion when joining bridges and navigating the pesky city streets. Keep calm and put one of your fellow commuters in front of you. It takes a little patience. If you put someone in the Fort Pit Bridge and head for the tunnel, you will get additional points!

Soul Manchester Community Farm Food (📸: @francesca_dabecco).

8) Join your community garden.

If you don’t have your own soil patch, there’s no better way to make a garden with them to get to know your neighbors. In addition, access to fresh food is a way to combat food insecurity and prevent deterioration of health. Check out Grow Pittsburgh’s Urban garden map To find something near you.

Editor’s Note: If you don’t have a neighborhood garden, it’s never too late to organize. Grow Pittsburgh is helping my neighborhood build a community farm in Manchester, as shown in the photo above after we laid the soil. I can’t wait to prosper throughout the summer.

9) Give up the bus seat.

Our buses, Ts, and slopes aren’t as packed as they used to be, but it’s always polite to give up seats to the elderly, disabled, pregnant, or anyone who looks like they can use the rest ..

Lake Elizabeth in Allegheny Commons Park (📸: @francesca_dabecco).

10) Thank you for our park.

If you read us Q & A at the tree-planting festival Along with Ben Adams, you know that much is spent on maintaining the trunks and canopies of our city.You can help keep the forests in our city healthy Tree Pittsburgh.. They cover guidance on urban forestry practices, tree biology and health, basic tree identification, proper pruning and maintenance, and how to guide your community by organizing tree planting and tree care. We offer courses to do.Or at least send some love to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy..

11) Take care of our river.

It’s hard to imagine what would happen to Pittsburgh without the three rivers. In fact, Pittsburgh would definitely not be here without them. Maintaining the health of the river is important for maintaining the well-being of the entire region.check out Upstream PghA Wilkinsburg-based organization working to mitigate stormwater spills from surrounding communities and protect local ecosystems.Or get your hands dirty and help remove debris from the river Allegheny Clean Ways..

12) Give compliments to strangers.

It’s completely free! You never know; what you say can make someone’s day. Still social distance? no problem.Some here Very kind Pittsburgh message I made something that I could send to my Pittsburgh friends (Valentine’s Day leftovers).

Kindness Zone signs downtown. (📸: @danielgilman).

13) Create your own “Kindness Zone”.

You may have seen these signs around town, but now you can create your own “kindness zone” with the help of Senator John Heinz History Center. They worked with Pennsylvania to release these signs specially for 143 days. Please see the museum shop Buy signs, magnets and stickers.

The· State website There’s the Kindness Generator, which provides inspiration for the day, and the Kindness Tracker, which aggregates the kind gestures submitted by Pennsylvania residents. They also use hashtag # 143DayInPA to encourage people to spread their kindness to social media.

How do you celebrate 143 days? Transfer this story to your friends and keep the momentum of kindness moving.

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