16 graduates with MSW in Pitt-Bradford | life-style

BRADFORD – Sixteen residents of the area were honored on Saturday for their Masters in Social Work as part of the ninth cohort of students on the Pitt-Bradford MSW program.

Speakers at the event included Richard Esch, Interim President of Pitt-Bradford, and Elizabeth Farmer, Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh.

Student speakers were Jonathan Braeger from Turtlepoint and Jessica Penn from Kersey.

In addition to the student speakers, graduates Jennifer Addotta, Lisa Cook, and Bobbie Green, all from Bradford; Christopher Barber of Kane; Amanda Bindics from Warren; Conor Kyser of Port Allegany; Kelly Kumpf from Cuba, NY; Holly Linden from Schindelhaus; McKayla Meyer and Annjanett Prechtl, both from St. Marys; John Peterson of Randolph, NY; Jason Rulander of Clarendon; AnnaMarie Swanson from Frewsburg, NY; and Jasmine Wickham-Green, Olean, NY

Graduates began class in the fall of 2018 and completed the required 60 credits that month, including 42 credits for coursework and 18 credits for a field internship.

The University of Pittsburgh has been offering its Master of Social Work on the Bradford campus since 2002. Since then, more than 125 social workers in the Twin Tiers area have graduated.

“We are fortunate that most of our MSW graduates stay in our region,” said Esch. “This gives us all the peace of mind that we are well prepared to have an immediate – and often permanent – impact on the lives of individuals and families here.”

The Pitt-Bradford MSW program is currently recruiting its 11th cohort, which will begin teaching in the fall of 2022. For more information, contact the MSW coordinator Stephanie Eckstrom at 814-362-7527 or sae102@pitt.edu.

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