2 Seton LaSalle Soccer Coaches Banned For Unlawful Recruitment – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two football coaches at Seton LaSalle have been suspended for illegal recruitment.

First year head coach Mauro Monz and assistant coach Jason Pinkston have been suspended. You will not be on the sidelines for a year and will not be allowed to participate in football-related activities.

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“Some people agree, others disagree with the decisions,” said Amy Scheuneman, WPIAL executive director. “Unfortunately our board of directors has the task of enforcing the current statutes.”

Four schools accused Seton LaSalle of recruiting players from outside their district.

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“There is no warning period,” said Scheuneman. “If this is found to have happened, this is the minimum penalty that must be enforced. It can actually be more for the individual or for the school if justified. “

The Diocese of Pittsburgh sent out a statement saying, “The school does not recruit for athletic purposes,” and they are looking for ways to appeal.

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Scheuneman said the appeal process could take weeks or months.

The hearing has closed so KDKA is not sure how the trainers tried to hire new staff, but here are some of the possibilities.

“Offering different incentives to people who may not be offered to others is a recruitment,” said Scheuneman. “Offering camps and clinics to talk to them about a particular facility and encourage them to attend that facility is a recruitment.”

Seton LaSalle also needs to educate its coaches more about recruiting. Seton LaSalle must have physical records showing what coaches can and cannot do. In addition, manuals must be available and meet with coaches before a season.

This wasn’t the first time Seton LaSalle has been marked for recruitment. In August, an assistant baseball coach was suspended for attempting to use social media to lure athletes to school.

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Scheuneman says such recruiting cases happen about once a year and should be taken more seriously.

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