2 Teenagers Arrested in Pittsburgh -Space Mall Capturing – NBC10 Philadelphia

A fight between multiple people at a western Pennsylvania mall culminated in gunfire, forcing stores to lock down and shoppers to evacuate on Saturday afternoon, police said. No one was injured.

Two young men were arrested in connection with the shooting at the Ross Park Mall in Ross Township and were being questioned, said Police Detective Sergeant Brian Kohlhepp.

Police recovered three guns from the two suspects, both of whom are believed to be 17 years old, Kohlhepp said. Neither of them was immediately charged. Between five and six people were involved in the fight, he said. He said the investigation was hampered because the mall does not have surveillance cameras, although multiple stores in the mall do.

Authorities evacuated the mall late Saturday afternoon over the course of several hours. Ross Township is located about 8 miles north of Pittsburgh.

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