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Thanksgiving Day is less than a week away, and this holiday season so many families in our ward are struggling to make ends meet.

2000 Turkeys Drive is well underway, and with the generous help of people willing to help their food-insecure neighbors in Washington County, we can make sure families who are going through tough times can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, too.

2000 Turkeys partners with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to provide Thanksgiving meals, including turkey, side dishes, and desserts, to individuals and families in need.

We’re heading towards the home stretch and there is still time to donate. Turn on the 2000 Turkeys Telethon on Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm. The company, hosted by Range Resources, will match all donations up to $ 20,000. Entertainment will be provided, including a performance by Devon Johnson of Ruff Creek, cooking demonstrations, and interviews.

All proceeds from the Telethon will go to the Pittsburgh Food Bank to provide Thanksgiving meals for the food-insecure families of Washington County.

Visit the Range Resources Corp. Facebook page to see it. or the Facebook page of the 2,000 turkeys. You can call 1-888-2KTURKY to make a donation.

Pittsburgh Food Bank has seen an increase in requests for food and support services and expects the need to continue to grow, especially as the cost of food, gas, and other items soars and the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

2000 Turkeys was founded almost 40 years ago by Byron Smialek and Wayne Armstrong as a seasonal food event for the unemployed and has become a tradition for local families, schools, businesses and organizations that open their hearts and purses year after year to those who do not so lucky.

2000 Turkeys is grateful not only for the checks, large and small, that donors submit and hand in, but also for the creative ways families, friends, businesses, and employees were able to raise money for the Turkey campaign – including auctions, donation boxes, and more Kickboxing competitions.

For example, Jessica Kearns, owner of Massages by Jess in Washington, started setting up a large donation box earlier this year for customers to win a free massage and donate the collection to a group or organization of their choice each month. October winner Barb Walz of Washington decided to donate to 2,000 turkeys. Thank you both.

We’re nearing our goal of raising $ 100,000, which will not only provide Thanksgiving dinner for the families who need it, but also provide at least 700 turkeys for the Boxes of Love outreach program.

To donate, please mail a check to 2000 Turkeys, PO Box 2000, Washington, PA, 15301.

Thank you for your generous donations:

Patrick and Deborah Guyton, $ 30

James and Marlene Webb, $ 50

John and Theresa Bell, $ 50

Jean and Richard Cholak, $ 40

James and Gail Balent, $ 25

Edward and Darlene Sheppard, $ 25

James and Roberta McElhaney, $ 50

William and Sandra Phillips, $ 100

James and Carla Henry, $ 100

Frank Angott Jr., in memory of his wife, Janet Angott, $ 50

Helen Haines and Gaylord Haines Jr., $ 100

David and Marlene Kavolak, $ 50

Dr. Franklin Kuzy and Dr. Karen Sue Kuzy, $ 100

Donna Jean Stemski, in memory of Harry “Mousey” McKee and Harry “Magoo” McKee, $ 50

Kenneth and Mary White, $ 50

John and Mary Ellen West, $ 25

Marcia and David Bock, in memory of parents Aaron and Nora Mansfield, $ 50

Francis Cavalier, in fond memory of my wife Vivian Cavalier, $ 200

Robert and Amy Davis, $ 200

Angelo and Holly Tatano, $ 50

Shelby and Robert E. Harvey, in memory of James E. White, $ 25

Jacqueline Scarborough, $ 100

Barbara Gibbs, in memory of Matt and Mildred Rupcich, $ 100

George and Michelle Rose, $ 25

Kenneth Dennis and Kelly Macik, $ 50

Jeff and Linda Paxton, $ 100

Dave and Carol Davis, $ 50

Mary and David Standiford, $ 100

Sandra and Thomas Wallace McMurray, $ 50

Laraine and Ronald McGinnis, $ 50

Janice and Brian Marley and Lawrence Marley Jr., $ 40

Robert and Beverly Allridge, $ 100

Fairhill Manor Christian Church, $ 50

Judith and John Caler, $ 25

Ruth Newman, in memory of James Newman, $ 50

Clyde Knupp Jr. and Lisa Knupp, $ 200

Thomas and Lori Lochran, $ 50

Richard and Melinda Baker, $ 50

Martha L. Hansotte Family Trust, $ 10

Patrick and Rosemarie Gasper, $ 25

Terry and Karen Bennett, $ 50

William and Donna Oberman, $ 100

Linda Carrozza and Jennifer Schumacher, $ 60

Virginia and Paul Lukas, $ 20

Dove Contracting Inc., $ 500

Richard and Patricia Morflak, $ 50

Staci and James Gasper, $ 50

Bubble Works Car Wash, $ 118

Bubble Works Car Wash, $ 100

Robert and Maudee Parkinson, in memory of Crowbar Johnson, $ 30

Ernest and Sandra Hampson, $ 20

April and Eric Betzner, $ 50

Ted and Peg Allen family, $ 40

Pastoral Finances, $ 12,000

Henry and Patricia Ann Mavrich, $ 100

James and Lynn Smoyer, $ 30

The Beatty Family, lovingly remembered by Howard “Butch” Beatty, $ 50

Robert and Virginia Somplatsky, $ 40

Michael and Marie Meeks, in memory of T-Bone, $ 50

Howard and Marjorie Ashbrook, $ 30

Robert and Shirley BonAnno, $ 100

American Legion Riders # 639, $ 100

Nick and Linda Ciappa, in memory of Robert Garrett, $ 50

Jean Puskar, in honor of Barb Waddington’s birthday, $ 20

Dave and Charlotte Resek, in memory of the Holden, Resek, and Stanton families, $ 25

W. Nelson McCullough, $ 25

David and Carolyn Williams, in memory of the Keisling and Williams families, $ 100

Roy Lounder, in memory of my wife Linda, $ 50

Frances Hudak, in fond memories of Irene Sasek and Luanna Chmel, $ 50

Margaret Fischer, in memory of Canon-McMillan High School’s friend Byron Smialek, $ 25

Jim, JoAnn, and Buddy Hockenberry, $ 100

Robert Fahrner, in memory of John Deco, $ 50

Massages from Jess and Barb Waltz, $ 100

Lindsy and Jason Kollar, $ 400

Grace, Jackson, and Piper Kollar, $ 100

Chapman Corporation, $ 1,000

Mary Vraninin, in memory of my husband George, $ 20

Pat Braddock-Steiner, in memory of mother Mary Alice Braddock and brother Jesse Braddock, $ 35

George E. Silvers Jr., in memory of my mother, Jean Silvers, and my wife, Patty Silvers, $ 50

Mark, Gaeta, and Markie Copeland, $ 40

Donna, Debbie, and Doug Farabee, $ 50

Dave and Carol Sumney, in memory of Ed Rizor, $ 40

Cas Korowicki family, in fond memory of Jessie Korowicki, wife, mother and grandmother, $ 50

The Havelka and Vallone family, in memory of Tony Vallone, $ 100

Lynda Wiatrowski, in memory of Donald Wiatrowski, $ 50

Andrea and Ken Yarkosky, in memory of baby Danny Yarkosky, $ 20

Conrad and Gerrie Rossetti, in memory of our daughter Karen Rossetti, $ 50

St. Oscar Romero Catholic Men’s Club, $ 50

David and Shirley Moore, $ 50

Greater Canonsburg Washington County Elderly Center, $ 300

Gino DeFilippis / Canonsburg Sunoco, $ 1,660

Joseph and Cindy Franc, $ 100

James and Melissa DeJohn, $ 25

David and Karen Galentine, $ 500

Larry and Karen Headley, $ 50

Charles and John Snyder, $ 50

Bob and Kathy Abbadini, $ 50

Victoria and David Cushey, $ 50

Country Fixin’s Restaurant, $ 100

Charles and Catherine McCullough, $ 20

Edward and C Beverly McVeigh, $ 50

Rodger and Cathy Young, $ 50

Richard and Terri Hall, $ 50

Washington Area Senior Citizens Center Bible Study, $ 200

Thomas and Rachel Welsh, $ 100

Harold and Cora Narigon, $ 50

Lawrence and Maria Hunt, $ 100

Charles and Karen Morris, $ 40

Charles and Diana Allen, $ 25

John and Barbara Aloia, $ 25

Dano and Joan Brownlee, in memory of Bill Shadel, $ 50

Phil and Sarah Schäfer, in fond memories of our great-grandson Jackson Walsh and our sister Carrie Snow, $ 50

Terrence and Pamela Kushner, $ 50

Sam and LaVerne Messina, $ 20

Janet and Anthony Conn, $ 100

Burch and Rosemarie Efaw, $ 20

Terry and Tamara Oblock, $ 30

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