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Thank you Washington County.

Thanks to your willingness to open your hearts and your wallets, the 2021 2000 Turkey Campaign raised more than $ 189,000 to provide Thanksgiving dinner for the food-insecure families of Washington County this Thanksgiving.

WJPA disc jockey Pete Povich – who was part of 2000 Turkeys along with Grace Hopwood shortly after it was started by late Observer reporter writer Byron Smialek and citizen activist Wayne Armstrong – marveled at how much the fundraiser has grown , and how many families it has helped since it began as a seasonal food campaign for the unemployed in the early 1980s.

“I don’t think Byron, Wayne, or Grace ever thought that we could help so many people or raise so much money with the generosity of all of Washington County,” Povich said, remembering the group of turkeys from the trunk distributed a car.

This year’s turkey campaign in 2000, along with last year’s campaign – both took place during the COVID-19 pandemic that saw many families struggling to make ends meet – were the largest in the fundraiser’s history.

And it would not have been possible without the generosity of the individuals, companies and organizations who have enthusiastically donated to 2,000 turkeys.

In addition to working with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to provide Thanksgiving dinner – complete with turkey, side dishes, and desserts – to more than 2,100 Washington County families, 2,000 turkeys also delivered an estimated 700 turkeys to Bags of Love, a Washington mission City Outreach, which also offers Thanksgiving dinners for families in need.

2000 Turkeys has also worked with Range Resources for over 10 years. For the past two years, Range has hosted a 2000 Turkeys Telethon that raised $ 54,000 in one hour this year.

“Range was fortunate to have been part of Turkey’s 2000 campaign. It has enabled us to build stronger community relationships through the 2000 Turkeys Food Drive and now the 2000 Turkeys Telethon, ”said Laural Ziemba, a member of the 2000 Turkeys Board of Directors and Range Resources Director of Public Affairs. “During this time we have seen children grow into young adults who are committed to this important cause year after year. Thanks to the community for loyally showing up to help their neighbors in need – and teaching their children the importance of philanthropy. “

2000 Turkeys is sponsored by Observer-Reporter and WJPA.

“As an active member of the Washington County community, the Observer reporter has a responsibility to promote causes such as the Turkeys 2000 Annual Campaign,” said Editor-in-Chief Liz Rogers. “We will continue to support 2,000 turkeys for as long as the need arises.”

Charlese Hayden McKinney, director of partner networking programs at Pittsburgh Food Bank, said more families than ever are struggling to make ends meet and thanked donors.

The food bank predicts that the number of families with food insecurity will continue to grow as people face rising food costs and other challenges.

“Wow, that’s really amazing. Thank you to every single person who donated, ”said McKinney. “Your generosity has helped feed thousands of families this year and we are truly grateful for that.”

Shop ‘N’ Save – where yellow 2000 turkey posters can be purchased throughout the trip – has also been linked to 2000 turkeys for at least a decade.

Co-owner Jeff Duritza said, “We’re in the grocery business; Our job is to feed people. We are fortunate to be able to help others who do not have the resources to take care of themselves. We are honored to be able to help these people. When that time of year comes we are ready to step in and help out as much as we can to provide Thanksgiving meals. “

Justin Domachowski, CEO of DeFY Security, said he was happy to be a part of Turkey 2000 campaign.

“We are all made to help and serve other people, and when you see people in need everywhere and have the opportunity to give back, do it,” said Domachowski. “And what better way to give something back than on Thanksgiving? We will continue to participate in this. “

The 2000 Turkeys Committee – Povich, Ziemba, Canonsburg Mayors Dave Rhome, and Karen Mansfield – would like to thank all of you who helped 2000 turkeys grow from a small grassroots event to an annual tradition that has grown as many of our less fortunate neighbors.

We are grateful for every single donation, small or large, from coin jars collected by children and donations of all sizes from churches, schools, civic organizations, and corporations like Shepherd’s Financial and Pennsylvania American Water Company. They are all important.

We want you to know that your donation enabled other families to enjoy the holidays with loved ones as you sat down with your family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you for your generous donations:

Jack and Janet Jones, $ 50

Kang’s Black Belt Academy, $ 2,200

Liberty Lumber Inc., $ 2,500

Patty and Joe Grohal, $ 20

Eleanor Grudi, in memory of husband Edward Grudi Sr., $ 25

Fraternal Bear Order 83, $ 400

Dale and Jean Lyons, $ 200

Carl Zellie Jr. and Bonnie Zellie, $ 100

Trinity North Elementary School, $ 688

John and Dorothy Tecklenburg, $ 2,500

Joseph and Gretchen Brehl, $ 100

Douglas and Cathy Silbaugh, $ 100

James and Kathleen Zeremenko, $ 20

Suzanne Kline, in memory of Eric Kline, $ 50

William Kottner Jr. and Cindy Kottner, $ 200

William and Monica Saporito, $ 30

Karen and Roeleen Thompson, in memory of G. Robert Thompson, $ 25

Paul and Joy Cheslock, $ 25

Darline and Brian Rumbaugh, $ 75

Gary Ford and Kathy Moninger-Ford, $ 25

Michael and Janet Racko, $ 50

Mark and Sandra Bonanni, $ 20

Peggy Ball and Otis Spicer, $ 50

Gerald and Sherry Mellinger, $ 25

Joelle and Gregory Papson, $ 75

Sam’s Pizza, in memory of parents Howard and Shirley Rhome, $ 1,000

Washington Rotary Club, US $ 1,000

Richard and Sonia Blaha, $ 50

Private James Perry VFW Post 191 $ 500

Pennsylvania American Water, $ 10,000

Dee’s Record and Video Shop Inc., $ 200

Charles “Chilly” Slaugher, $ 20

Frank and Louise Horne, $ 75

Independent Political Club, $ 100

Scott and Michelle Armstrong, $ 1,000

BPOE Washington Elks Lodge 776, $ 500

Joseph and Lynn Manning, $ 50

Brian and Susan Pinkerton, $ 50

Duritzas Enterprises Shop ‘N’ Save, $ 4,319

Michael and January Yurchak, $ 50

Mary Alice Susko, in memory of my parents Edward and Betty Tomasik, $ 1,000

John P. Friedmann Atty, $ 250

District Attorney Jason M. Walsh, $ 250

Greenbriar Treatment Center, $ 100

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