7 oldest NFL gamers to ever put on a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey

Quarterback Charlie Batch # 16 of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

Pittsburgh has had a number of seasoned veterans throughout its history. Here are the five oldest to ever wear a Steelers uniform.

There are certain positions in the NFL that have a much longer career expectancy than others. But no one can make it in this business for very long unless they are excellent at what they do. Though younger, fresher talent is on their heels to suppress a shot, some old veterans are too resilient to quit.

Throughout their storied history, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had their share of aging veterans who string together careers that outlived much younger NFL players. Every now and then, however, you get a few that Father Time doesn’t seem to be able to follow. Here are the five oldest NFL players to ever wear black and gold for the Steelers:

7. Steelers QB Charlie Batch

Age: 38 years, 0.9 months

Charlie Batch was everything a backup quarterback could ever want. The former Detroit Lions starter was Ben Roethlisberger’s replacement in Pittsburgh for most of a decade, holding the position when Ben was out for a short period of time due to injury.

During his 8 years with the Steelers, Batch only started 9 games, but went 6-3 during that time. Despite his limited commitment, Batch played a huge role in helping Roethlisberger prepare week after week.

At just over 38 at the time of his last game in 2012, Charlie Batch is the fifth oldest NFL player to ever wear the black and gold uniform on Sundays. Lots of teams mingle quickly with backup quarterbacks, but Batch was one of the best in the league in his special role. He finished his career with 61 touchdown passes and 11,085 passes.

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