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Steel City Tea Club x Turner’s Tea collaboration


Junk house
10 E. Sherman St., Millvale. gristhouse.com
The Grist House Millvale site will be closed from April 9 until further notice as the site is expanding to accommodate the construction of a new building. The Collier location (301 Sgt. Messergschmidt Road, Oakdale) remains open. There is currently no exact date for the Millvale site to reopen. Please visit the Grist House website and Instagram page for more information.

Hibachilou 412
Food truck and catering. instagram.com/hibachilou412
We’re a little late with Hibachilou412 serving food in the Pittsburgh area since 2020. But The colorful plates of this Hibachi food truck with steak, prawns and chicken over rice or noodles caught our eye and deserve the spotlight. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to see where they’ll be next.

Sak Pasé: Haitian food

Sak Pase̒ hasn’t started yet, but has just passed its $ 5,000 goal on Kickstarter and promises to fill a void: there are currently no authentic Haitian restaurants or food trucks in Pittsburgh, and the closest location is over an hour away. Evens, the creator of Sak Pasé Haitian Food Trailer, was born and raised in Haiti, leaning forward to cook from his grandmother. After funding the project is complete, Evens will purchase the trailer this month and perform soft starts, samples, and pop-ups for the first two weeks of Sak Pase̒’s existence. Follow the trip on Instagram.

Piper’s Pub
1828 E. Carson St., south side. piperspub.com
Starting April 8th, Piper’s Pub will be open for delivery via the pub itself, according to the Facebook post “100% our own employees”, and you won’t find them on Grubhub or Doordash. Piper’s says this isn’t going to be a permanent gig and they plan to shift delivery to The Pub Chip Shop once they’re able to open the pub for seating. They also announced new opening times: Thursday through Sunday until 8 p.m. Delivery times are Thursday and Friday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday all day. You can order online at piperspub.com or by calling 412-381-3977.


Sugar Spell Scoops x Onion Virgin
Onion Maiden folks teased a super-secret collaboration with vegan ice cream parlor Sugar Spell Scoops on Tuesday April 12th. Online stores will open on Friday April 16: Onion Maiden at 6 p.m. and Sugar Spell Scoops at 7 p.m. The only detail that was revealed was to expect ice cream and corn dogs.

Steel City x Turner’s Tea
Clothing brand Steel City and Turner’s Tea, the most popular soft drink in an orange beer, are collaborating on a secret project, the exact details of which are not yet known. Steel City has a Tee Club that sends out exclusive limited edition t-shirts to subscribers every month, and the collaboration seems to have something to do with this month’s Tee Club. All we know for sure is that the drop is on May 1st at 10am

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