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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham

Screenshots of a video of a driver moving through a flood in a green field

On June 13, Pittsburgh and the surrounding area were hit by a very severe storm that caused heavy rains, high winds and even hail. Property damage is rampant, tens of thousands of Pittsburghs are losing power and many are not yet regaining power. Some parts of the region saw around 2 feet of rainfall in a very short period of time.

Unsurprisingly, this leads to flash floods, landslides, wind throws and lots of debris in various places in the region’s famous hills and valleys. The storm also suddenly appeared and some drivers came onto a road filled with water.

Here are some of the most spectacular images of the storm:

What looked like a fuel tank was washed into the Ohio River near the West End Bridge, as in the photo of my beloved Pittsburgh. Dave Dicello .. Another Twitter user appears to have recorded a video of the same fuel tank floating on top of a sawmill. Rarely seen green path with a beach view.

The same tank seen upstream in Seldom Lakes Greenway Park pic.twitter.com/ugYBOs5vIv

– Mark Malecky (@MMalecky) June 14, 2021

A red jeep was caught in the deep sea on a ramp to I-376 from Squirrel Hill. The water eventually turned the vehicle sideways and pushed it against the retaining wall.

That’s … not ideal pic.twitter.com/bWPlTW7MDE

– Mitchell Nagy ⚾️ (@ mryannagy) June 13, 2021

Car accidents also increased at this location on the Squirrel Hill ramp when TribLive reporter Natasha Lindstrom caught a driver who turned to avoid the floods and ebb and flow.

The car in front of me hovered where the # Pittsburgh underpass connected from the Squalel Hill exit to I-376.

As I went back and warned other drivers to look back at the BC of the flood, some asked, … Is this like a flood? ”#TurnAroundDontDrown https://t.co/geiXKwiRRK pic.twitter.com/uRCCngjRzJ

– Natasha Lindstrom (@NewsNatasha) June 13, 2021

Another vehicle got stuck on Bates Street on a ramp to I-376 in Auckland. According to Twitter users, the driver and dog were temporarily caught in the flood, but she and the dog arrived safe and sound.


– Sara Podvasnik (@ MsP412) June 14, 2021

The junction of Reynolds and Martland Streets in Point Breeze was flooded for some time, creating a pond-like atmosphere in the East End neighborhood.

Point Breeze Reynolds Street and Martland pic.twitter.com/4bGEAmOMag

– Catherine Ost (athykathyosth) June 14, 2021

Point Breeze was particularly hard hit by the storm, as the Pittsburgh public school board member Pam Harbin shows several trees felled by a storm, including trees that appear to have collided with a parked vehicle.

Point Breeze, Pittsburgh, Code Red Storm. pic.twitter.com/H4CcXrb6Vv

– Pam Harbin (@PamHarbinPGH) June 14, 2021

Pittsburgh City Paper Photographer Jared Wickerham We took pictures of trees and power lines that fell in the Pittsburgh greenfield area. This effectively closed part of Greenfield Avenue.

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham

Fallen trees and power lines at the intersection of Montclair Street and Greenfield Avenue in Greenfield on June 13th.

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