Addressing Six Myths About Detergents and Disinfectants – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With more people than ever trying to sanitize their homes and keep surfaces clean, it’s important to “clean up” some of the myths and stories of old women about disinfection.

According to “Real Simple,” there are six myths about cleaning.

First and foremost – disinfection and disinfection are not the same!

This is a second step after cleaning to kill germs.

Another myth is that herbal products don’t work. They work, it is only up to the consumer to check the label and see if the product is registered as a disinfectant.

Remember, these products won’t work right away. Keep the surface damp for a few minutes to allow the product to do the job.

Next, it’s a myth that all cleaning products can sanitize.

That is not true.

According to Real Simple, similar to plant-based products, check the labels and see if the product has EPA registration and what bacteria and viruses it can kill.

You may also have grown up believing that vinegar is an effective disinfectant.

Experts say that not only is vinegar not a disinfectant, it’s also not a good disinfectant.

It can clean, but is not considered a disinfectant.

The final myth is that all disinfectants are toxic.

That is no longer the case.

It used to be true and these products were labeled as toxic.

Today, however, companies are making safer products that do not contain dangerous chemicals. If the product is non-toxic, the bottle or label will likely indicate this fact.

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