AEW in Pittsburgh: “We do not deal with our viewers as dummies”

It’s a wrestling night in Pittsburgh.

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In fact, the wrestling community will be treated twice this week as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will host a live TV taping event on Wednesday and Friday that will debut the new show ‘Rampage’.

Current AEW wrestler and famous podcaster Colt Cabana spoke about what to expect when you go to an AEW show and that the brand will not treat fans as “dummies”.

On Friday, those in Pittsburgh will have the opportunity to debut on the new weekly AEW show, “Rampage”.

Cabana described that he was out and about as a wrestler not only after the pandemic but also at the beginning of his career. Those who know the wrestling world know everything about the hardcore legend Sandman.

At the beginning of his career, Cabana was out with The Sandman and it was what you can imagine.

If you’re a street dog like Cabana, you can tell and hear some of the most fascinating stories from fellow wrestlers and from fans themselves.

Cabana is known not only as a professional wrestler but also as a famous podcast host.

He created the hit podcast “The Art of Wrestling” and recently started a new podcast called “Wrestling Anonymous”.

‘Wrestling Anonymous’ enables fans to be the show! Fans can call Colt or email a voice message that talks about everything about wrestling.

Cabana also provided a teaser for one of his episodes that you will be amazed by entitled “Omega … Okada … Off The Ledge”. Cabana provides the story in the video below.

Here you can listen to the new Colt Cabana Podcast ‘Wrestling Anonymous’.

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