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MT. OLIVER, PA (KDKA) – Community leaders advocate a safer environment after one person was killed and two injured in an early morning shooting on the mountain. Oliver.

After filming on Brownsville Road on Wednesday, community members said enough is enough. They’re counting on programs across the city and state to help build a more peaceful summer.

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“It’s very worrying because even when he’s not on the street I have to worry about him walking back and forth from school,” said Talaina Peterson.

Peterson talks about her 9 year old son.

“When I hear gunshots outside, it bothers me and it’s stressful for most parents,” said Peterson.

The mother said she was part of groups trying to promote safety in the community. One of the problems they face is not enough after-school activities for teenagers.

“There is nothing for the community, no after-school programs, summer programs that target the children involved in the violence,” Peterson said.

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Because of this, programs like My Brother’s Keeper are trying to step in and offer community groups mini-grants of $ 3,000 to help prevent violence.

“We want them to have the opportunity to connect with other opportunities, career opportunities and education opportunities,” said Josiah Gilliam of My Brother’s Keeper. “We hope that by supporting this activity we have a greater chance that these interactions will go well.”

Governor Tom Wolf announced on Wednesday that he was spending $ 5 million on combating gun violence nationwide.

“These types of grants and programs would help if we started inside schools and worked with police and communities because the programs need to be more drawn than the streets,” Peterson said.

Gilliam said it is important to note that work is already being done to make communities safer, but more can always be done.

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The state armed force reduction grant is due by June 30th. For details and the application click here.

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