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PITTSBURGH – It’s been almost three months since eight people were killed in the Atlanta Spa attacks.

Several lawyers, including the one here in Pittsburgh, are stepping in by offering victims free legal assistance.

“It was a way to make us feel different, that we don’t belong in the United States,” said Jimmy Kitchen of Jones Day law firm. “In my own experience with my family, they were victims of certain types of events and they never wanted to call the police, they never wanted to call law enforcement. I’ll just keep going. “

Lawyers provide free legal representation to Asian-American victims of hate crimes. We’re going to wrap up everything you need to know at 11 tonight. If you were a victim, email

– Michelle Chavez (@MichellePChavez) June 4, 2021

Because of this, he joins a group of nearly 90 law firms across the country called the Alliance for Asian American Justice that aims to provide free legal representation to all victims of an Asian hate crime.

“I want to make sure they understand that they have rights and that they have the opportunity to speak up and receive compensation and reimbursement in cases where it is necessary,” said Kitchen. “There is a documented history of Asian Americans who have even been discriminated against by the government in the country, you know in a more formal way, but certainly when it comes to hate crimes.”

One of the co-founders, Tai Park, who grew up in Pittsburgh, says he quickly realized that this service was necessary.

“As soon as we announced the formation of this alliance, the enthusiastic support from powerful lawyers across the country was unanimous and immediate,” he said. “What we see today or saw last year and the response to the pandemic is unprecedented in terms of the number of incidents, the maliciousness of the incidents, the similarities of the incidents, and the violence against Asian Americans.” Truly across the country. “

This alliance has lawyers who have represented the families of some victims in Atlanta and want others to know if you have been a victim: you are there to help.

“Word will get around that these are not nameless, faceless, vulnerable victims that anyone can knock down and injure,” said Park.

If you have been the victim of a hate crime, Allianz encourages you to contact HERE.

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