Alternate options to Black Friday Procuring

Don’t get us wrong, Black Friday deals are so tempting to scoop up and it’s always fun to snag a good deal. But instead of wasting the day fighting through crowds or surfing for deals online here are some alternatives to Black Friday shopping to help keep some money in your wallet… or at least spend that money on high-quality purchases.

Prep for Small Business Saturday

Here’s one where, yes, you will need to open your wallet, but it’s totally worth it. Small businesses aren’t always able to make beyond-believable deals since they simply aren’t the big box stores. But what they lack for in deals they make up for in quality. So instead of wasting your money on some soon-to-be-discarded item, instead take some time to plan out your next-day visit to a local small business or two where you can buy something you’ll cherish for a long time.

Take a Hike

Literally. Autumn in Pittsburgh is chilly, but bundle up and enjoy those Fall leaves while they’re still here by taking a hike. Soon it will be gray and dreary every day as well as too cold to venture out for very long. So enjoy a mid-day hike wherever your feet take you. If hiking isn’t your thing just take a walk or visit a park; just find something that gets you outside for some of the day. Here are some suggestions.  


Pittsburgh boasts a vibrant volunteer community. And seemingly flying under the radar are Black Friday and other holiday season volunteer opportunities. “Amen to Action”, where volunteers work to pack 1 million meals in a day, is full this year (though you can still donate). But with the Holidays just ramping up local churches, community groups, and nonprofits are busy doing good every day. Find one and donate some time. Volunteering is a great way to stuff your mental stocking with some feel-good memories this year. 

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Did you know that the day after Thanksgiving is also “Buy Nothing Day”? Started in Canada, this day is the answer to the uber-consumerism of Black Friday. How to celebrate? Simply buy nothing. Don’t visit a store. Don’t shop online. Don’t spend any money. Simply do anything, anywhere; just don’t do it with any money. 

Start Watching Christmas Movies

We know this one isn’t for everyone, but if cheesy holiday movies are one of your guilty pleasures then turn the day into Sit Back Friday – cozy up on the couch and fire up a marathon of cheesy holiday magic. (PS. If anyone asks, tell them you are ‘cultivating hygge’.)

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