Are the Steelers a very good match for Najee Harris?

In Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast’s Rookie Snapshot, Liz Loza and Eric Edholm break up NFL prospect Najee Harris and some potential landing spots for the retreating former Alabama. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Video transcript


Liz Loza: Where are you projecting it to land?

ERIC EDHOLM: That’s a good question. If we go backwards from the NFL draft standpoint, we might get one or two these days.

Liz Loza: I hear that they no longer matter.

ERIC EDHOLM: Yes, they don’t matter. Correct. You will now be one of the clubs. You become an indoctrinated member here.

There’s this whole question about the value of the first round. But I think in the case of special backs, especially at the later end of the first round, these are mostly talents from the second round. Most teams only have 15 to 22 real grades for the first round on their board. I think he has a chance to sneak into the back end of the first, early second round.

And the team I’d like to see him with in person – I don’t know if it’ll work because they have different needs than the Pittsburgh Steelers. I suspect they will move on from James Conner. You kind of need this … I don’t particularly love Benny Snell even though I like his style and thought he’d be a better player if he left college. I may have pissed him off a little. I know they took McFarland who is a little different.

But he just seems like a Pittsburgh player. And I could see that he’s a legend there, you know what I mean? I could see he was absolutely loved by the Steeler believers and I think they have a need in the position.

Liz Loza: It’s interesting because, after the free agency, Pittsburgh has above all to fill in all the gaps. There is much to be done so that they could be across the board. But I got a response. It’s not Harris. Instead, I am … and this is not just about seeing Tua again. Would like to see him go to Miami.

The story goes on

Myles Gaskin – I mean, Coach Flo clearly wants him to run back or is ready to run back a workhorse that is the RB1 and doesn’t live in some sort of RBBC, right? And Myles Gaskin hit the ball an average – my goodness – 17 times per game. Myles Gaskin did. And then when he went out the other husky, Salvon Ahmed, was the RB1 with no questions asked.

So I think it’s way more important, especially given the exposure Coach Flo had during Senior Bowl practice time and the kind of shortened, weird season we had in terms of exposure or the ability to expose, are much more important. Perhaps more emphasis was placed on the Senior Bowl. And so I want him to end up in Miami. And if he did, by the way, I think you are right, that he can have an immediate effect.

I would definitely draw it. I think it would probably be a second round – probably a second round for fantasy managers who would instantly earn 15-17 punches per game.

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