ArtSci Roundup: Critical Tings, Sonolocations: A Sound Works Collection, and Extra – Washington, District of Columbia

June 28, 2021

Connect with the UW community every week through public events and exhibitions! This week, you can watch UW’s Alum on NBC’s Making It and participate in discussions hosted by Henry Art Gallery.Connect with the campus while enjoying summer vacation UW live webcam Of Red Square and Quad.

Many of these online opportunities are streamed through Zoom. All UW faculty, staff, and students ZoomPro via UW-IT..

July 7th 5: 00-6: 30 PM | online

On the occasion Gary Simmons: Engine Room, Henry Art Gallery host Serious shadesPanel discussion presented by Black Cinema Collective As part of their series Black Spatial Elegance: A New Movie Language for Global Black Music..Held in the community with Wannawari, LANGSTON, Seattle International Film Festival, And Henry, the first gathering Black space elegance Recognizing and celebrating Black Music Month in Seattle, bringing the influence of black music to the forefront through the visual and cinematic heritage of videos, films, art direction and design produced by Black Storytellers throughout the Diaspora. ..

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Make it

Thursday, 5 pm PST | NBC

Adam kingman (BDes 2014) One of the season 3 makers Make it, NBC show.Check him out YouTube design drawing playlist To see more of his work.

on Make it, The best manufacturers across the country are working on a series of handmade projects that must be completed in their own way. As the competition progresses, the challenges become more difficult and the least successful manufacturers are eliminated weekly.The show culminates in the final craft-off The last two manufacturers. The positiveness, personality and friendship of handmade culture, which takes place in a quiet outdoor environment, shines when comedy hosts and judges provide encouragement, guidance and lots of laughter.

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Sonolocation: Soundworks Series

June-August | online

The· Henry Art Gallery The Jack Straw Local Cultural Center is pleased to work with you to commission a three-part audio artwork that will be released online for free throughout the summer of 2021. Participating artists are the theme of the place and the pandemic. It provides a directional acoustic experience wherever the listener is.Participating artists Byron Oh Young (Born 1971, Pittsburgh, PA), Egawa Chenoa (Born 1964, Ellensburg, WA), Bill Row (B. 1946, Pittsburgh, PA), and Naimarou (1979, Middletown, Connecticut).

Audio artwork will be available at SoundCloud, And with Jack Straw website..You can also subscribe Sonolocation As a podcast that receives each piece at startup.

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Will Rawls: An Eternal Stranger

July 17th-August 15th | Henry Art Gallery

To Eternal stranger, Newyork-based choreographer and writer Will Rolls (Born 1978, Boston, Massachusetts) activates relationships between language, dance, and image through a fragmentary medium of stop-motion animation. In his installation, a live automatic camera captures the frame-by-frame action of the four dancers, slowing down time and movement. While the performers spend the effort of becoming an image, visual capture is performed as a relentless process of constant but compromising by the movements they are trying to correct. Here, as in previous works, Rawls develops strategies for avoidance and involvement within systems that mediate, distort, and abstract the body.

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In my time

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Owen OliverGraduated from the University of Washington with a double major Aboriginal studies And Political science In the spring of 2021, he created a walking tour of the University of Washington Seattle campus, highlighting the presence of indigenous peoples on campus. His fourth grade, Husky Seed Fund And Center for Ainu and Indian Studies, He investigated and drafted the tour.

The 40-page full-color booklet tells the story of indigenous places through the eyes of members of the indigenous community, which spans seven campus stops. To stop Burke Museum, Wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ [Intellectual House], Husky Union Building (HUB), Union Bay Natural Area, where indigenous works of art, herbal gardens, folk culture centers, and one of his father’s works are on display. Booklet. Physical copies will be available in the university library and other campus buildings from the fall of 2021.

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