Assist others collectively

“Last year when the pandemic started, we committed to serving 10 million meals in the United States. That was over 200 million meals that we were very excited about. We had to change the way we do our public relations We had to do it that way. ” A ride through. We did some of these with the Steelers. What was interesting was you see some cars and you think, wow this is a nice car, these people really need help. And we serve everyone who shows up. When they did I talked to people many times and asked if this would help. They told us that they lost both jobs and that they are in dire straits right now. We’ve seen people who normally wouldn’t need help and suddenly they need the help I think that’s why it was so important not just to meet people’s physical needs, but to let them know that the community is here. They brought Convoy to you. They want you to know that there are resources out there, but also people who are coming together. Let the people in the church who are suffering, that we are going to gather around you and help. That was so encouraging to see.

“We can’t forget those who still need help. That’s the thing in America we like to forget. But there are people who live on the edge. Just because things get better for everyone else doesn’t mean it.” That doesn’t mean things will get better for the suffering families. If we can eradicate COVID, not deal with it, a big problem will be eliminated. But the basic needs are still there. Our job is not to solve people’s problems. We want We can’t do this without people like the Steelers, the Rooney family, Vance and Kendi McDonald, Ben and Ashley Roethlisberger. We can’t do it without these friends. It is so important to always look for people to serve. There are always people who need help. “

Around 800 people were served at the face-to-face event, with McDonald, Steelers First Round Najee Harris, and Zach Banner on hand to help. The families walked through Heinz Field to various stations, all of which followed strict protocols to collect items and enjoy special experiences as guests of honor for the afternoon. Attendees included individuals cared for by organizations in the Pittsburgh area including Casa San Jose, Amachi Pittsburgh, Urban League, Boys and Girls Club, Gwen’s Girls, Latino Community Center, Homewood Children’s Villages, Clairton Youth Development Opportunities, YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh, The Center That Cares, Macedonia FACE and Jeremiah’s Place.

“We believe most people just need a little help,” Noone said. “You can give them some groceries and hygiene kits and it does a lot of things. It helps them, encourages them, and gives them hope. If we can empower people, if they can get a little help to pull themselves up, that is a tremendous victory.”

“People are strong. We always want to treat them like a guest of honor. When you help them, encourage them, give them things that will help them, it gives them a break from the realities of poverty, of hunger. It has a huge impact the families, the community, and the people who serve them.

“We’re always passionate about the Steelers. They think about how we win games, how we win Super Bowls, but they also think about how we use our platform to reach the Pittsburgh community. And it does amazing . “

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