Authors predictions for week 10 matchup

The Steelers are again overwhelming favorites in their week 10 matchup.

The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Detroit Lions in Week 10 of the NFL season. While Pittsburgh rides a 4-game winning streak, the Lions have yet to find a win this season. The Steelers have the edge in almost every position match. Lions quarterback Jared Goff may be younger than Ben Roethlisberger and make a Super Bowl appearance, but he’s not good enough to carry a team with that many holes on his back.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that still curtains bets appear to be being placed on Pittsburgh this week. Every writer was right in week 9 that Pittsburgh would beat Chicago. It seems like the team is once again in overwhelming favor with Pittsburgh this week. Yet while everyone seems to be voting for Pittsburgh as the winner, there seem to be a lot more differences in how much.

(NOTE: Predictions were made prior to Ben Roethlisberger’s confirmed absence on Saturday night after landing on the Reserve / COVID-19 list).

Still Curtain’s records for 2021

Duncan Code: 6-1

Andrew Falce: 3-5

Eric Hassel: 4-4

Tommy Jaggi: 5-3

Brandon Kring: 5-3

Scott Long: 6-2

Luke Metrinko: 3-3

Ryan Pawlowski: 5-3

Casey Sadekoski: 6-2

Loyal Ricks Jr .: 3-2

Week 10 vs. Lions predictions

Duncan Code: Steelers will win this game convincingly. I know most people think this game is going to be close, but the offense will come alive and the defense will generate multiple turnovers. (Pit 35-14)

Andrew Falce:This should be a win in every way, but the Steelers have just won ugly this season. The same is true against the Lions this week. (Pit 21-20)

Eric Hassel: The Steelers want to build on their recent winning streak. Although the Lions come to Heinz Field without a win in the season, it turns out to be a tough game that the Steelers pull off thanks to a last-minute INT. (Pit 27-20)

Tommy Jaggi: The Steelers are looking for their fifth straight win against a Detroit Lions 0-8 team at Heinz Field this week. Baltimore’s recent loss to Miami shows us why we can’t take bad teams lightly, but AFC North’s lead is at stake here. I think Mike Tomlin’s team will take care of business in week 10. (Box 26-13)

Brandon Kring: The Lions didn’t win a game, and the Steelers have to let it go. The offense has to use this as a real game and come into a consistent rhythm. The defense could do the same and not let an inferior team stay in the game with chunk plays and lazy drives. (Pit 33-10)

Scott Lange: Despite a great day for TJ Hockenson, the Steelers defense creates enough pressure to force a few ball losses and claim victory. (Pit 26-20)

Ryan Pawloski: The Steelers have fought smaller opponents throughout their history. You should still be able to win, but don’t be surprised if this game is a lot closer than it should be. (Pit 25-20)

Casey Sadekoski: The Steelers need a game to build legitimate trust in their young offensive line. Pittsburgh have found ways to win over the past few weeks and that is commendable. Still, the Steelers find a way to use an underdog team to finally cement their offensive identity for the rest of the year. (Pit 37-13)

Loyal Ricks Jr .: Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers will take full advantage of Lions this week. (Pit 24-10)

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