Avast, your hearts! You are actually able to guide a visit on the Pittsburgh Pirate Ship

Ahoy, mates! Are you ready for some fun?

Evan Weaver has a privateer boat that you can charter for a two-hour tour of the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.

The Pittsburgh Pirate Ship’s maiden voyage is on April 8th, which coincides with, but is unrelated to, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ home game against the Chicago Cubs. Weaver says the first excursion is already sold out, but landlubbers can book a trip online and set sail from the north coast from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. The cost is 425 USD per trip for a colorful crew of up to six people.

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirate Ship.

Occupancy will increase to 10 or 12 once Allegheny County’s Covid restrictions are fully lifted. Salty seals need to bring their own food and drink (even a bottle of rum!). Weaver will provide the life jackets.

The 26-foot ship is a 1991 Bayliner rendezvous reworked by a Virginia artist Dan Corder (aka Captain Dan). He transforms discarded boats into ships with decorative cannons made of PVC tubing. He even created a craft for Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

A navy veteran and resident of Ross Township, Weaver adds personal touches to the Pittsburgh pirate ship, including a mermaid figurehead and a bespoke Jolly Roger. He hopes to launch a second boat by spring 2022 that can accommodate up to 50 people. Weaver says he is in talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization to offer game day packages so baseball fans can party on the poop deck before heading over the plank to PNC Park.

He got the idea after his wife’s adventure with cruisin ‘tikis, Hawaiian-style amphibious huts that can be booked for a luau on the three rivers.

“She sailed up and down the rivers, listened to music and laughed all the time,” says Weaver.

Given Pittsburgh’s association with pirates, he thought a themed ship would be a hit with local Skalawags and would be a fun activity for him outside of his sales profession as well.

Here at NEXTpittsburgh we know how much people love their Bucs. This story about a pirate bus was our most read article of 2020.

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