Beaver County Household With out Warmth For 9 Days Factors Finger At Residence Guarantee Firm – CBS Pittsburgh

BEAVER, Pa. (KDKA) – A beaver family can finally take off their coats and turn off the heating. The family said they had been without heat for the past nine days and had a phone call with a warranty company.

Jamie Quigley, mother of three, turned to Meghan Schiller from KDKA in desperation and said: “Help, we haven’t had any heat for more than a week!” Jamie called her warranty company immediately, but after days of freezing temperatures she had had enough.

“It was crazy, it’s been nine days since we were without heat,” she said.

With three girls at home, Jamie said space heaters only helped so much.

“Yes, you have to put a heater in the bathroom to make sure it’s warm and try to make sure their bedrooms are warm. We mostly slept in the living room to keep us warm, ”she said.

With the thermostat hovering below 55 degrees, Jamie’s husband Jed called the warranty company. The Quigleys just bought their house in April.

“Oh, I was very upset. I couldn’t believe they let us go with three kids in winter, ”Jed said.

Jed viewed this as an emergency and believes the HVAC company chosen by the residential property guarantee firm did not. This morning he called another company.

“I called someone else. They actually called me back and said, “We’ll be up there in an hour,” he said.

While Jed said the first HVAC company couldn’t fix it until Monday.

“The part they picked up was in Monaca. I don’t know where they got their part from, but wherever they got their part wasn’t even the part we needed. “

Now Jamie asks: What kind of coverage is that?

“And I told you what if we go through another company?” [They said,] “You can’t do that, you can’t send us the bill, we’ve selected you if you don’t do anything.”

Less than $ 250 and an hour later, another local company was fixing the oven. The Quigleys tell KDKA they wish they knew better.

“When they say it is covered, they are trying to find loopholes so that you have to pay money, not have to because it should be covered as it is in your contract.”

KDKA turned to the affected house guarantee company AHS. After the news broadcast, the company emailed: “We apologize for the Quigley’s frustration with the recent service request. Our team is looking into this matter and we will issue a formal statement as soon as we have additional information. “

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