Better Pittsburgh Group Meals Financial institution awarded $1.three million in tax credit | Native Information

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank will receive more than $1.3 million in tax credits through Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).

The NAP awards tax credits to businesses that donate to community projects, such as food donations, affordable housing and getting rid of blight.

According to GPCFB Chief Development Officer Charla Irwin-Buncher, there are 22 companies and farms that will receive tax credits for their contributions to the food bank.

“It is a really great way to incentivize corporations to give,” Irwin-Buncher said of the program.

Some of those donating to the food bank through NAP include Washington Financial Bank, Triple B Farms, Shop ‘n Save and Giant Eagle. Irwin-Buncher said there is a mix of financial and food contributions.

“Giant Eagle committed to donating at least 2 million pounds of food,” Irwin-Buncher said.

According to Irwin-Buncher, the donation from Washington Financial Bank will be used to benefit Washington County, specifically.

“Most of the program is a benefit for our entire service area,” Irwin-Buncher said.

GPCFB service area also includes Greene and Fayette counties.

The food bank has been involved in the NAP since its inception, and the amount of tax credits available has increased significantly in recent years.

In 2019, GPCFB was awarded about $509,000, according to Irwin-Buncher.

“That’s a significant increase. A lot of that advocacy has happened by our organization. This is a really impactful program,” Irwin-Buncher said.

Irwin-Buncher feels businesses would not be able to donate as much without the expanded amount of available tax credits.

“It allows us to make a great pitch to our corporate partners, and also our smaller farm partners,” Irwin-Buncher said. “Somethimes I think for these smaller businesses, it allows them to donate more than they normally would.”

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