Bettor wins a $ 500,000 stake on Browns

From a betting perspective, the NFL wildcard weekend was very good for the underdogs.

Over the course of six games, four underdogs managed to close the spread and two won straight away. That included all three games on Saturday and was concluded with the Cleveland Browns triumph over rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.

The Browns, who finished under 5.5 points at BetMGM, took a shocking 35-7 lead in the first half and withstood a Steelers comeback to emerge with a 48:37 win. It was the franchise’s first playoff win since 1994, when Bill Belichick was training in Cleveland.

While the Steelers attracted most of the bets over the week – 75% of the bets, 82% of the money per BetMGM – there were some monster bets on the Browns.

One bettor bet a whopping $ 500,000 on the Browns at +5.5 and won $ 454,545. Per Jeff Stoneback, director of trading for MGM, there was also a $ 100,000 moneyline bet on the Browns at +210, which resulted in a return of $ 210,000.

Stoneback told Yahoo Sports that Saturday was a big day for sports betting at BetMGM but was essentially leveled on Sunday.

“The house was a big winner on Saturday. The house was a big loser on Sunday, ”said Stoneback.

Overall, the house had a successful weekend, according to Jason Scott, BetMGM’s VP of Trading.

“Wild card weekend was a mixed bag for bettors and bookies. That said, the Browns that pissed off the Steelers were big on the book and helped us have a successful weekend,” said Scott.

Outsiders rule Saturday

The NFL playoffs began on Saturday with the Buffalo Bills, which featured the Indianapolis Colts as 6.5-point favorites.

The game was within a score for most of the afternoon, but it looked like the bills would pull back on the fourth. Buffalo’s lead was 24-10 at 14:10 and was again increased to two points, 27-16, with 8:08 to play.

But the Colts didn’t go away. A 27-yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Jack Doyle and a successful two-point conversion made it 27-24 to play 6:13. And when the Bills’ next run ended in a playoff, those who had bet on the Colts sat nicely when the Colts had a chance to send the game into overtime or even take the lead.

The story goes on

However, the Bills defense got the hold it needed to claim the franchise’s first playoff win since 1995. The Bills, the NFL’s best team against the regular season spread, failed to cover the 6.5 points on Saturday.

The Colts cover was a “big winner” for BetMGM, said Stoneback. The bills received 75% of the bets and 69% of the money.

Indianapolis Colts’ Kenny Moore II, 23, assaults Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) during the second half of an NFL wildcard playoff soccer game on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in Orchard Park, NY (AP Photo / Adrian Kraus))

Later on Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks hosted the Los Angeles Rams as a 3.5 point favorite. The late season offensive fighting for the Seahawks carried over into the postseason, and the Rams emerged with a 30:20 win.

The Seahawks got 68% of the bets, but the money splits were closer – 56% in Seattle, 44% in the Rams. Stoneback described the result as a “small winner” for the house.

The biggest win of the day for the house came over the Washington Football team, which finished as a 10-point underdog against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs led all the way, but Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke kept his team within striking distance in just his second career start.

Heinicke’s touchdown pass to Steven Sims at 4:51 was almost certain that Washington would cover the spread. Tampa Bay added a field goal a few minutes later, but the 31-23 final score was all Washington supporters would need.

The game featured the biggest line movement of the weekend. With bets and money in Tampa Bay, the spread went from 7 to 10 points over the weekend. At the time of kick-off, the Bucs received 75% of the bets and 81% of the money.

“When Washington played Tampa it was a very big win for the house,” Stoneback told Yahoo Sports.

Six figure bets on Ravens, Saints Cash

On Sunday the winnings fluctuated more in favor of the betting public.

That started in Nashville, where the Baltimore Ravens were three-point favorites against the Tennessee Titans. The Titans took a 10-0 lead, but Lamar Jackson and the Ravens climbed back for a 20-13 win. While Jackson threw for 179 yards and rushed to win for 136, the Baltimore defense held titan star Derrick Henry to just 40 rushing yards for 18 runs.

At BetMGM, 52% of the bets were on the Ravens, but 70% of the money was on that side too. This included wagering $ 240,000 on the Ravens -3 to win $ 200,000.

Later on Sunday, the New Orleans Saints hosted the Chicago Bears as an 11-point favorite. With such a large point spread, some bettors were eager to bet on the bears.

At BetMGM, 57% of the bets and 60% of the money were in Chicago, but there were two six-figure bets on the Saints side. One bettor had $ 210,000 with the Saints -10 while another had $ 175,000 with the Saints -10.5. Both cashed when the Saints won 21-9.

After Javon Wims dropped a touchdown in the first quarter, the Bears didn’t reach the end zone until the final game. That game, a 19 yard touchdown pass from Mitchell Trubisky to Jimmy Graham, reduced the score to 21-9.

It came when the time was up. With the game already decided, there was no reason to kick the extra point – despite the noise of those who had bet the bears at +11 and were hoping for a push.

While there was a common drama in the end, the sub was never in question. The grand total closed at 48.5 and a bettor covering a massive bet on the under was comfortably covered. That bet was $ 330,000 if under 48 years of age and resulted in a return of $ 300,000.

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