Black-owned Pittsburgh firms are responding to Juneteenth turning right into a federal vacation – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed law making June thenth a federal holiday in the United States.

Here in Pittsburgh and Allegheny Counties, the day is celebrated when the last of the slaves finally found out they were free.

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For some, it feels like a moment that they have been waiting for. Vendors and organizers said it was liberating to have the opportunity to share their history and legacy.

75 local black-owned businesses have set up shop in the Economic Impact Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh.

“It feels good, I feel valued,” said Teresa Franklin, SKIN business owner. “I’m excited to take my business outside and that everyone else is taking their business outside.”

Teresa Franklin believes that having her natural skin care company owned by Black and others to promote herself is a great way to bring the city closer.

“I feel like everyone is trying to take progressive steps forward, and June thirtieth on a federal holiday is one step closer,” Franklin said. “We’re very busy, but it was exciting to hear the news.”

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At Mellon Park, Juneteenth’s activities are geared towards youth and seek to get them active in an attempt to curb future violence in the city. Rashad Colvin directs the flag football tournament.

“Our goal is to make the children young, to feed them and to give them something besides sitting at home and meddling in the wrong things,” said Colvin.

He believes this also serves as a history lesson to turn the children’s minds around and pique their interest in continuing to learn.

“If we can reach the youngsters sooner, they will say what else there is,” said Colvin. “They think of Black Wall sSreet, they haven’t heard of that, so it’s the little things we’d like to introduce them to young so they know there’s more out there.”

Not only is there more history, but an entire week of events is planned across the county for you to attend.

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A full list of events can be found right here on our website at this link.

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