“Blessing Field” in Penn Hill overflowed with Assist and Hope – CBS Pittsburgh

PENN HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) – It measures only about 3 feet wide, but a simple red box along Richmore Drive in Penn Hills is full of help and hope.

Kym Gable from KDKA visited the Speed ​​family to find out more about their “Blessing Box”, a container in which groceries and essentials for people in need are stored. Anyone in need of food or toiletries can stop by for free and take what they need with them.

(Photo credit: KDKA)

“We found it very difficult and the kids wanted to learn to do more,” said Chelsey Speed, whose daughters are helping her fill the crate and load vehicles.

“I prepare boxes for people,” said Catalina Speed. “Get them what they need and sometimes I’ll help bring the box to their car with my mother.”

“There are people here every day,” said Malayah Wilson. “We hear our little doorbell every five minutes. There are many more people out there than you think. “

They received so many donations that the family’s garage is now filled with items.

“I try to convey to my children that it is okay to fight. Everyone struggles at some point in their life and it’s okay to help people you don’t know, ”said Chelsey.

One such person is Nicole Coulter, who was a stranger but is now a friend of the family who helps out with the charitable endeavor.

“We connected and became really good friends. So not only has it helped feed my family, it’s also got me emotional, ”said Coulter. “You feel blessed in so many different ways.”

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