‘Bullhorn Girl’ Rachel Powell, spouse of Mercer Co., arrested for function in Capitol Riot, launched from jail pending trial – CBS Pittsburgh

BUTLER, PA (KDKA / AP) – Rachel Powell, the Mercer County woman accused of breaking a window in the U.S. Capitol with a large pipe on Jan. 6 and giving instructions to other insurgents on how to open the building should take has been released from prison.

Powell, a mother of eight, was released from prison Friday afternoon following a second federal judge’s verdict.

CONNECTED: The Rules of Federal Judge Rachel Powell, mother of Mercer Co. arrested at the Capitol Riot, may be released pending trial

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KDKA’s Andy Sheehan asked her about a testimony from the judge relating to a New York article in which Powell expressed no remorse.

“Nobody has ever asked me if I have any regrets, and the only thing I can say now is that there are places where people can donate to my legal fund,” Powell said.

By order of the court, Powell has been stripped of all guns, including her registered AK-47 and Glock pistol, and she is being detained in her Sandy Lake, Mercer County home, which the FBI searched last week.

However, she will not be with any of her eight children. A Mercer County judge has placed custody of her estranged husband pending a psychological evaluation.

And when Powell left prison on Friday, he was wearing a mask that conformed to a different appointment of the judge. Powell, a virulent anti-masker, hasn’t worn one throughout the pandemic. In her house there is a sign in the window that reads “Masks equals slavery”.

Prosecutors said Powell, who according to the FBI is the woman in a pink hat shown on video instructions through a megaphone, should remain incarcerated prior to trial.

CONNECTED: The Rules of Federal Judge Rachel Powell, mother of Mercer Co. arrested at the Capitol Riot, may be released pending trial

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Powell, a 40-year-old mother of eight from Sandy Lake, is a “leading participant in the most violent riot in the US Capitol in over 200 years,” and “has fueled a situation threatening the peaceful transfer of power in the United States,” wrote the federal prosecutor’s office.

Powell’s attorney Michael Engle argued in court that Powell had no criminal record, posed no aviation risk, and did not cause physical harm to anyone during the riot.

An FBI affidavit stated that Powell was with a group at the Capitol and gave detailed instructions on the building’s layout. He told the rioters to coordinate if you want to take this building. Powell also noted that they have another window to break, ”the affidavit said.

“She wasn’t a spectator; She perpetrated violence and encouraged others to do the same – all with the aim of overcoming law enforcement, intimidating officials, undermining the constitution and peacefully transferring the president’s power, “prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Authorities said a search of Powell’s house revealed several smashed cell phones and two “go bags”, one with ammunition, rope and tape and the other with throwing stars, knives and lighters. A bag found in Powell’s car had tarpaulin, zip ties, and two loaded magazines for an AK-47 rifle, authorities said.

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Powell has been charged with violent entry or disorderly conduct, obstruction, expropriation of state property, entering a restricted building, and being in that building with a dangerous weapon.

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