Bundle of pleasure! New child infants dressed up as lovely Christmas presents on the Pennsylvania Hospital

A women’s hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania decided to “close” the year in the most adorable way – by dressing newborns in cozy crocheted Christmas costumes.

Video and pictures from UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital features some of the hospital’s newborns dressed up as the cutest Christmas presents anyone could ask for.

According to UPMC Magee, the diapers with oversized bows and the matching hats were crocheted for the babies by the talented nurse Caitlin Pechin.

UPMC Magee’s tradition of dressing newborn babies in festive outfits brings much-needed smiles this Christmas season, ”said Heather Ambrose, the hospital’s director of care.

“While so many aspects of life have changed this year, the excitement of having a baby remains constant. We look forward to celebrating ours UPMC Magician babies who bring so much joy and happiness in a difficult year, ”she said. Recognition: UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital about Storyful

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