Cardinal’s Pocket book: Flaherty: “I’ll flip to Pittsburgh” | St. Louis Cardinals

Injured Cardinal pitcher Jack Flaherty (right) appeared in the dugout during a game between the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. Photo by David Carson,

David Carson

Cardinal ace Jack Flaherty returned Friday from his four-inning 75-field foray at Springfield Class AA and when asked what he got out of it, he said, “I feel fine.”

When asked whether it was possible or likely that Flaherty, who was recovering from a torn left oblique muscle, would hit Pittsburgh this week, manager Mike Shildt said it was the word that began with “pr”. Flaherty, who pitched the same night as Adam Wainwright on Friday, said he would feel he could serve after Wainwright on Thursday, since Wainwright is scheduled for Wednesday.

“He’s going to be given priority because he’s pitching pretty well right now,” said Flaherty. “It’ll be fun to be in the dugout to actually watch him because I’ve missed the last three times.”

But Flaherty said flatly, “I’m going to serve in Pittsburgh.”

Flaherty, who was just starting to swing a bat lightly in the indoor cage on Saturday night, could have set up a designated hitter game in Kansas City the next weekend, but Shildt said, “Medically, they say he should make an offensive contribution next break, wherever that is. “

That sounds a lot like Pittsburgh.

Shildt was hoping Flaherty would make six innings out of 75 pitches on Friday, but said, “Nothing is ideal. The other team (Tulsa) tries too. If we could write it it would be great. But he was able to hit his pitch count. Most of all, he felt good afterwards.

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