Charles Baker, 33, has been tried in federal court docket after surrendering to ATF brokers over his function within the Lawrenceville – CBS Pittsburgh – bombings

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Lawrenceville man has now been arrested and charged with federal charges in connection with the Penn Avenue bombing Sunday evening.

The KDKA investigator Andy Sheehan first brought the news of the search for 33-year-old Charles Baker.

Charles Baker surrendered to agents of the Federal Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Tuesday evening.

He may now be planning a longer stay in prison.

In his 33 years, Charles Baker led a troubled life that investigators say was recently marked by rampant homemade bomb production.

(Courtesy Allegheny County)

Today he was charged federally for making and throwing an exploding device from a passing pickup truck on Penn Avenue Sunday night.

(Courtesy Pittsburgh Police Department)

According to an affidavit, the makeshift device consisted of a twisted tea can, dozens of nails and screws, auto parts, and a white powdery substance – similar to the components found in that Lawrenceville townhouse where Baker had lived.

Witnesses say Baker has been manufacturing and using the devices for months.

A confidential source told federal investigators that he or she saw Baker blow up a Portajohn on Denny Street in November – similar to an explosion on Itkin Street on the North Side days later.

(Photo credit: Chris Hoffman)

The witness also said they once saw Baker throw a device from a bridge onto the windshield of a passing train.

The affidavit confirmed that Baker was assisted on Sunday night by an unknown Ross Township man whose investigators raided Nelson Run Road yesterday.

Investigators say the man was cooperative and told them he was driving when Baker threw the device out of the passenger window.

It is not clear if or when this man will be charged.


In the past decade, Charles Baker has been arrested and convicted twice for burglary and a dozen and a half times for substance abuse. In 2018 he was sentenced to 9 to 18 months in prison for drug production with intent to deliver.

He is now charged with possession of an unregistered destructive device and possession of a device such as a convicted criminal that could result in additional prison terms.

In a statement, US attorney Scott Brady credited the work of the investigators in the arrest, saying, “Our city is safer today thanks to the rapid response of the Pittsburgh Police and the ATF who worked tirelessly to identify Charles Baker and arrest. Acts of wanton violence are met with the quick hand of justice. “

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