Choice on the Pittsburgh Metropolis Council assembly would ban plastic baggage within the metropolis – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A new proposal has been made to ban plastic bags in the city of Pittsburgh.

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The resolution presented at the city council meeting on Tuesday would only be the first step towards passing an ordinance.

Currently, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is banning local governments from banning plastic bags.

The City of Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth and Pittsburgh intends to join the lawsuit.

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The aim is to repeal this law and allow individual cities to make their own decisions.

“The reason for the lawsuit is that this has now been added to the state budget two years in a row,” said City Councilor Erika Strassburger. “We fear that we will have a completely different year in which the cities cannot make their own rules. We want to strike back a little and say that no cities should be able to regulate. It is not up to the state how we handle our waste. “

Councilor Strassburger said her office was working with the public and businesses to get feedback before the regulation officially went live later this summer.

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She is currently working on equity concerns and whether some people should be exempt from tax based on their income levels.

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