Completely happy 100th Birthday Deacon Gertie Mae Vance! – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2021-06-05 16:14:45 –

New Pittsburgh Courier was pleased to learn that Deacon Gertie Mae Vance turned 100 on May 19.

Born May 19, 1921 in Parkdale, Arkansas between the late Homer D. Rush and Minerva Rush, her parents owned a cotton field and horn family shop.
Ms. Vance married her school friend Robert Vance for 57 years before his death.

Robert and Garty emigrated north with a young family in 1943. You raised five children. 3 sons and 2 daughters.

They lived in St. Clair Village and stayed there until 1973.

Vance currently lives in the Sheladen neighborhood.

It is also important to note that Ms. Vance has been a loyal member of the Church of St. Luke Baptist since 1945.

Vance (everyone knows her as Garty) is a mother, an 18 year old grandmother, a 28 year old great grandmother, and a 5 year old great grandmother. Child of God.

She contributes to God’s faith and strength and eats good old soul food.

Happy 100th Birthday Deacon Gertie Mae Vance! Source link Happy 100th birthday, Deacon Gertie Mae Vance!

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