Conventional Thanksgiving Day video games are tough for professional picks

Picking winners and point spread covers and annoyances is difficult enough when there is a Thursday night game every NFL week.

As for three, well, come on. Short breaks between games are ridiculously tough when there is only this one competition. And let’s not start with what we think of Thursday evenings overall.

It is Thanksgiving, however, and tradition calls for a feast at the table and a feast in the field. Apart from the fact that there is hardly anything tasty on the menu for the early matchup between Detroit and Chicago without a win.

Anyway, says Lions coach Dan Campbell, who played for both Detroit and Dallas in the vacation game.

“I think our guys still consider it special,” he says. “Everyone watches this game and everyone has their family at home and everyone was circling around the TV, they just ate or they eat afterwards. I think it still sounds true that it’s special.

“And yes, to the point of getting a win that day – look, to get a win, period – is going to be incredibly outstanding. But yeah, getting it on Thanksgiving would make it even more special. “

We’re going to, uh, bite. The Lions, 0-9-1 and 32nd in the AP Pro32, are a 3 1/2 point favorite – yes, they are preferred over the No. 27 Bears (3-7).

LIONS, 17-16

KNOCKOUT POOL: Pro Picks made another Canelo-like shot in the jaw with the Titans. If you’re interested, we’d prefer BALTIMORE this week.

# 26 Seattle (plus 1) at # 23 Washington, Monday night

The Seahawks leave Washington state to lose near the city of Washington.


No. 11 (tie) Los Angeles Chargers (minus 2 1/2) at No. 22 Denver

We finally missed an outsider’s win. Maybe the Broncos will start a new winning line for Pro Picks.


# 20 Las Vegas (plus 7 1/2) at # 8 Dallas, Thursday

The raiders are in free fall and the cowboys will be understaffed. Still …

COWBOYS, 27-16

# 10 Buffalo (minus 5 1/2) at # 19 New Orleans, Thursday night

Buffalo is almost in free fall and losing here would jeopardize their playoff chances.


# 9 Los Angeles Rams (plus 1) at # 2 Green Bay

A toss game and possibly a look at the NFC championship matchup.

PACKER, 20-17

No. 5 Tennessee (plus 6) at No. 6 New England

Funny how the Patriots have to face many injured opponents.

PATRIOT, 24-19

No. 3 Tampa Bay (minus 2 1/2) at No. 11 (tie) Indianapolis

Both teams come from big weekends. Can the Bucs stop the runaway train named Jonathan Taylor?


No. 14 Cleveland (plus 3 1/2) at No. 7 Baltimore

A good time for the Browns to leave Cleveland. Bad time to go to Baltimore.

RAVENS, 23-15

No. 17 Pittsburgh (plus 4 1/2) at No. 13 Cincinnati

We are beginning to believe that the Bengali have enduring power.

Bengal, 19-17

No. 18 Philadelphia (minus 3 1/2) at No. 28 New York Giants

We started to be positive towards the Eagles a few weeks ago. That will go on.

ADLER, 26-24

No. 31 New York Jets (plus 3) at No. 29 Houston

We never feel positive about any of these tailenders.

NOZZLE, 15-13

No. 15 Minnesota (plus 3) at No. 16 San Francisco

The winner is in the best position for an NFC wildcard spot.

49ER, 30-28

No. 21 Carolina (minus 1 1/2) at No. 24 Miami

It’s hard to believe that Miami will win for the fourth time in a row.


No. 25 Atlanta (minus 1) at No. 30 Jacksonville

Poor Matt Ryan has run out of guns. Trevor Lawrence doesn’t have many either.

JAGUAR, 16-13



Last week: Straight ahead: 9-6. Against spread: 10-5.

Season: Straight up: 103-61-1. Against spread: 91-70-2.

Best bet: Straight up: 5-5-1. Against spread: 7-4.

Upset Special: Straight up: 9-1. Against spread: 9-1.


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