Couple reveal “proper stuff” in tough instances

Molly Martin Wright and her new husband, James

We all need a heartwarming story now. What follows is a stirring account of the resilience, caring, and determination of a young couple with a strong Erie connection.

Molly Martin Wright and James “Jimmy” Wright Jr., DO, are notable for their success in addressing career and health problems over the past year. During the marriage, the two Philadelphia medical professionals were infected with the COVID-19 virus in March. Fortunately, everyone at home was able to quarantine for 14 days.

Before, during, and after the conclusion of COVID-19, the couple helped raise more than $ 70,000 to purchase much-needed supplies and ship them to hospitals in the area. This willingness to donate and deliver continues to this day.

Former Molly Martin, originally from Erie, received a Masters degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2019. In 2013 she earned her bachelor’s degree from Gannon University in Erie. Today she works as an analyst for ECRI, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of care across the healthcare system. She also works with CVS in the pharmacy 30 hours a week.

Her parents, Erie residents Cheryl and James W. Martin, had year-round challenges that their daughter and son-in-law faced – true role models in dealing with the pandemic

James Wright Jr., DO, has a Masters degree in Health Services Administration and is a sophomore at Suburban Hospital in Philadelphia and a 2018 graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a resident physician, he works regularly 24 hours – Shifts and many days in a row. He works in the intensive care unit at Suburban Hospital, which is reportedly busy with COVID-19 patients.

The couple met in Erie in 2017 when their father’s work brought him back to Erie. In the same year “Dr. Jimmy” started at LECOM.

Interestingly, Molly Wright, who was born in Erie, and her husband, who was born in Millville, New Jersey, attended the same elementary school while serving as street guards when the Martin family lived in New Jersey (circa 1998) while their father was Jim Martin was the managing director of the Health System Foundations for what is now Inspira Health Care.

The couple was not yet known at the time.

Her mother, Cheryl Martin, is a nurse and a graduate of Villa Maria College. She works at Stairways Behavioral Health. Her father, James W. Martin, a Gannon graduate, is semi-retired and has unique experience in education, healthcare, retail, community building and volunteering locally and on the east coast.

Amid it all, Molly and Jimmy Wright, who were planning to get married in October, finally moved the ceremony to Wright’s parents’ home in New Jersey to allow their entire wedding reception to be attended.

HGTV appearance

Erie Indians Kevin Kerr and Jenna Monocello Kerr, who now live and work in Pittsburgh, were recently featured on HGTV’s new home renovation series, “Home Again with the Fords.”

The Kerrs bought a three-story 19th-century Victorian building in Aspinwall, a small borough bordering Pittsburgh, and had the first floor designed and fully renovated by HGTV sibling duo Leanne and Steve Ford. The new show is slated to run its full season in January, but the hour-long episode of Kerrs aired on December 5th as part of a quick look at the new season.

The theme of the series and episode is to create a home built for family gathering, and there are many references to their two families in Erie and western Pennsylvania.

She is the daughter of Betsy Monocello and the late Joe Monocello. His parents are Colleen and Rick Kerr (Elena Salvia).

The Kerrs are completing the renovations on the second and third floors of the house that were not filmed as part of the show. The episode is scheduled to be broadcast on HGTV again in early 2021.

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