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Sushi in preparation at the newly opened Sushi Kim 2 on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh

Scalding the inner groove

751 E. Railroad Avenue, Verona.

Inner Groove Brewing from Verona will open a second location in Pittsburgh’s Allentown district and open a new taproom and beer garden between Southside Slope and Mount Washington. The place is still under renovation, but beer lovers can keep up to date by browsing their beer. Facebook when subscribing to Instagram pages and newsletters.

Farmer x Baker

285 River Avenue, Aspinwall.

Dinner at Farmer x Baker ends this season and will only be changed to brunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. But no worry. The brunch service is just as satisfying as the dinner, so I look forward to good food.

Caliente Pizza & Barrel House

4624 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield.

Caliente is always working on something new and this week is no exception. Hazy Dough Dazy, the first home-brewed beer, is presented in the pizzeria. Beer will be tapped from Friday, October 15th. Beer is a New England IPA with “brilliantly flowery, soft citrus and grapefruit tones with lychee and tropical fruit notes”. It sounds like a sip of heaven, so get your pizza and that new beer from next week.

Sushi Kim 2

110 Smithfield St., downtown.

Following the closure of the original Strip District location in 2019, Sushi Kim 2 officially opened a new location in downtown Pittsburgh. The grand opening of the Korean restaurant and sushi bar is Tuesday, October 5th, and in addition to the popular sushi list, the menu is packed with appetizing starters, main courses, and soups. We recommend the Korean lunch special with side dishes, which is served Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. )

Ada coffee and tea house

200 S. Highland Ave., Shadyside.

Ghoul unite! Ada has added two new October drinks to her menu. Monster Matcha Latte is a turquoise Matcha Latte with a light rain of berry syrup that looks like blood. The second drink is caramel and apple latte, which is perfect for fall festivals. Get yours now before they go!


120 Bakery Square Blvd., East Liberty.

The second takō location has opened in the long-awaited Bakery Square. The spot will be open to the public on Thursday. October 14th, extension of business hours including lunch. The menu, limited to Bakery Square, is also extensive. The location serves food from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the 360-degree bar is open late until Friday and Saturday.

Best I ate this week

I usually associate Vietnamese food with Bánh Mì and Pho, but Maiku Sushi’s wide range of deliciously prepared Vietnamese and Japanese foods gives me a great opportunity to deviate from my typical vegetable pho order. Gave me. Bantit Nuon was a perfectly cooked pork mixed with sweet brown sauce and served with cool mint and cucumber. Before afternoon shopping on the Strip, I mixed the vermicelli down with a small amount of sriracha sauce and seafood sauce for a perfect lunch. (Maiku Sushi, 1611 Penn Ave., strip area)

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Creepy Drinks, Restaurant Reopening, Other Pittsburgh Food News | Food | Pittsburgh

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