Did the Vikings get away with a recreation lag after they mocked Chase Claypool?

Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Chase Claypool is credited with costing the Steelers a win, but the Vikings may have been to blame for a missed game delay.

In a game of centimeters, critical decisions add to the seconds while the music box is playing. With less than 30 seconds of playing time, the Pittsburgh Steelers tried mightily to overcome an eight-point deficit. The chance of winning was slim, but there – until Chase Claypool decided to hold a first-down reception.

Watch as Chase Claypool battles with teammate # 51 Trai Turner. Pittsburgh had no more time outs. Claypool makes the catch, decides to party, and Turner yells at him trying to get the ball but it rolls away.

Claypool yells back to Turner.


– Steve Franklin (@MyGuySteve) December 10, 2021

Claypool gestured to the sideline as the seconds passed, causing teammate Trai Turner to run over to Claypool and hand the ball to the umpire to stop the clock. During the confusion, Vikings linebacker Erik Kendricks seized the moment and wiped the ball from Claypool’s hands to delay the game even further.

Just discovered something groundbreaking in connection with the Chase Claypool – Trai Turner ball fiasco.

Savvy vet Eric Kendricks actually pulled the ball out and threw it behind his back! pic.twitter.com/6kxJpozgF7

– Jordan Dajani (@JordanDajani) December 10, 2021

A more complete picture of the game shows Claypool lying on the floor and standing up to the 37 second mark. The referee places the ball on the floor at the 27-second mark and the ball is clocked at the 24-second mark.

I slowed the entire Chase Claypool first-down party scene with the clock running and no timeouts. Trai Turner (# 51) tries in vain to accelerate and Anthony Barr seems to hit the ball. However, watch Claypool’s reaction after the spike. #PITvsMIN pic.twitter.com/ry5AUhL0r2

– René Bugner (@RNBWCV) December 10, 2021

Due to the fiasco, the Steelers lost 13 seconds since receiving it, which is enough playing time to complete another pass or two. With reduced time, the Steelers failed to score and lose the game.

Claypool made it clear that he wasn’t mad at Turner after the defeat, but he was frustrated with the umpires who didn’t punish Kendricks for delaying the game.

It is now clear to me that Chase Claypool was not blaming his teammate Trai Turner after the game, but rather the referees for delaying the Vikings’ game. Still think he needs to take on more responsibility in this situation, but that makes his answer a little more reasonable. https://t.co/EQysdEC7gk

– Brian Batko (@BrianBatko) December 10, 2021

Did the Vikings get away with a game delay because of the Chase Claypool-Trai Turner fiasco?

The game became a point of contention for Claypool as many viewers watching the game in real time saw his cheers and scuffle with Turner, but missed beating Kendricks. Viewers commented on Claypool’s lack of situational awareness at the moment, while others used the celebration as a reason to criticize his character.

Chase Claypool made some big wins tonight, but the situational awareness here is so poor. Pittsburgh had no more time offs. Claypool makes the catch, decides to party, an offensive lineman tries to get the ball but it rolls away. The clock is ticking, ticking … pic.twitter.com/w3IBAQacjV

– Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) December 10, 2021

Claypool hit the headlines last season when he said the Cleveland Browns would be “clapped” by the Chiefs after the Browns beat the 12-4 Steelers in the playoffs. Claypool also said the Browns defeated them “without class”.

While Claypool’s premature celebration may have cost the Steelers the game, so did the umpires for failing to punish Kendricks for delaying the game even more.

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