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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Gas grills have year-round grills available in many homes, but Memorial Day weekends mark the start of the traditional grilling season.

However, there are new competitors in the outdoor cooking environment. It’s an iron plate.

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Charcoal, uncontrollable flames, and iron plates are well established. Is it good for your health to replace the grill?

A quick look at the food on the streets of Pittsburgh gave us overwhelming support for the good ol ‘grills.

As one woman said, “Grill! Glidling is like roasting outside. The point is, it’s like being over an open flame. “ nutritionist Leslie Bonci said:

From a health standpoint, Bonchi says grills are healthier than iron plates when it comes to meat.

“The surface is flat and does not drip. If you eat fatty meat where the fat goes, it stays there, ”says Bonchi. “The difference to the grill lies in the grate. So if you do something with fat, where does that fat go? It falls on the coal. “

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The virtue of the grill is also a curse, except for meat.

“Placing vegetables on the grill or lining up pieces of shrimp is like sinking into the abyss of coal.”

This is where the iron plate comes into play.

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To make it healthier, she urges them to make the oil lighter.

“A lot of people don’t like vegetables, but when they’re grilled they love vegetables, which gives them a great impression that char is the protagonist,” says Bonchi.

Think creatively whether it is an iron plate or a grill.

“It’s great to make a grilled watermelon or pineapple to make something like a grilled fruit. It brings that flavor into the mix. You can do the same with an absolutely delicious grilled peach. “Bonchi says.

Yes, she said watermelon.

“I just want to serve a little watermelon and chilli jelly and turn the table over. It’s great, ”she says.

Would you like to decorate your holiday burger?

The bonchi says: “50% minced meat and 50% chopped mushrooms. Mushrooms actually give great meat flavor and reduce the overall amount of fat, but retain all of that flavor. It works wonderfully. Do.”

If you use an iron plate, Bonchi says, “If you want to put the vegetables on the iron plate and not put fat on it, remove the vegetables first and then remove the meat, or vice versa.” ..

Wipe the iron plate well after grilling so that the vegetables do not get greasy.

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Don’t over-treat the meat while it’s cooking, Bonci said.

Do people prefer charcoal or do the frying pan take over? – CBS Pittsburgh Source Link Do people prefer charcoal or take over the frying pan? – CBS Pittsburgh

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