Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Dan Pompa and Dr. Invoice Cole begin “Mobile Hair Restore”

PITTSBURGH, May 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cell Health Co., a prominent health team led by Dr. Bill Cole, DR. Daniel Pompaand Dr. Will Cole, three of today’s leading experts in functional medicine, announced the launch of their CHR (Cellular Hair Repair) program – a holistic approach to treating hair loss in women.

Generally speaking, hair loss is discussed through a men’s filter and is an obstacle that many women face today without having sufficient answers on why or how to solve it. In fact, up to 30 million women in The United States coping with hair loss. To address this confidence-changing issue, the three experts developed a multi-therapeutic approach to tackling unexplained hair loss.

“We are excited to finally introduce our Cellular Hair Repair program. With this introduction we would like to support those who feel frustrated or defeated by inexplicable hair loss and dry, brittle, thinning hair,” said Dr. Bill Cole. “As a collective, our team strives to convey the truth to individuals about their health. Often times, hair loss is not the root of the problem, but a symptom of poor cellular health. When you heal your cells, your body will.” heal yourself. “

The CHR program is ideal for people who suffer from hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases and an unbalanced gut microbiome. It studies hair loss at the cellular level.

“This is huge and the first of its kind. There are so many products out there offering false hope, but none of them are upstream enough to address the four main causes of seemingly inexplicable or autoimmune hair problems,” added Dr. Daniel Pompa. “This is not about a product. This is a big, multi-layered program that looks at the autoimmune, microbiome, nutritional and hormonal components of hair problems. That’s why it works.”

“I’m delighted to finally have a systematic lifestyle program that works. Of all the symptoms we deal with on a daily basis, hair problems are one of the hardest to treat – and possibly affect our customers the most,” adds Dr . . Will Cole. “Hair loss is often a serious burden for our customers, they no longer feel like themselves and do not like what they see.”

By taking a closer look at the health of our cells – the beginning and the end of all life – the CHR program initiates healing from the source of common chronic diseases. Some of the main features of the program are:

  • A 3 month supply of CHR supplements specifically formulated to address the root causes of hair loss.
  • Extensive lifestyle and wellness portal with advanced protocols for promoting hair growth.
  • Proprietary nutritional protocols that use ancient remedies combined with the latest in science and technology around an anti-inflammatory and autoimmunity diet.
  • Full access to a private Facebook support community and certified health coaches.
  • Bi-weekly health classes led by one of the founders – Dr. Pompa, Dr. Bill Coleor Dr. Will Cole.

Cellular Hair Repair in Retail for $ 997.00 and can be purchased at https://cellularhairrepair.com/order.

About Cell Health Co.
Dr. Dr. And pumps, DR. Bill Coleand Dr. Will Cole, Cell Health Co., aims to reshape the way people lead healthy lives. Together, their mission is to provide an army of men and women with the truth about health, and to offer the tools, tactics, and resources required to get healthy, feel good, and ultimately age well. To learn more, please visit https://cellularhairrepair.com/

About the founders
Dr. Pompa, founder and creator of the Pompa program and author of the bestselling books Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting.

DR. Bill Cole, Founder and Inventor of the Cellular Health Accelerator – Hashimoto’s largest health coaching program in the nation.

Dr. Will Cole, founder and creator of The Autoimmune Reset and author of three best-selling books; Ketotarian, The Inflammation Spectrum, and his newest intuitive fasting bestseller from the New York Times.

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