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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – How often do you feel sleepy or tired during the day?

With our busy schedules and lifestyles, this is more common than it is not.

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So what is it – sleepy or tired?

There is a difference and you need to determine the cause before you can fix the problem. It starts with a simple question.

“Are you tired or sleepy?” Asks Dr. Amit Chopra, psychiatrist and sleep specialist with the Allegheny Health Network.

He says he wears a hat and falls asleep without provocation while fed up with tiredness …

“I’m tired because I’m awake, but little is known about kinetic energy,” he explains.

Each of them can be a danger signal that something more serious is going to happen.

“A common medical reason can be a lung or heart problem,” he says.

It could also be due to the medication you are taking, sleep apnea, or your dream.

“People act on their dreams, take complex actions and live all night long, which can be very tiring in a day,” says Dr. Chopra.

Your mind may not be able to relieve stress during the day.

Dr. Chopra says the key is to identify the cause, there can be more than one, and treat them.

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So how can you deal with these problems?

One suggestion you may not expect: don’t lie in your bed.

This is one of Dr. Chopra’s proposals.

“You start to associate the inability to sleep in bed, as you know, it’s a break, and the same thing happens at night,” he says.

When you sleep I don’t think your brain is where it sleeps.

“I think it’s better to sit on the couch and stay upright,” he explains.

He also suggests not lying down at night until you realize that you are ready to sleep.

“There are so many obligations in life that we are busy, busy, busy and expecting to jump in bed soon and calm down and sleep in 10 minutes,” he said. say. “For some people it can happen, most of the time it doesn’t.”

He also recommends avoiding household chores and exercising before bed.

“The idea is not to do that, I think it will rejuvenate the mind,” explains Dr. Chopra. “Doing these things over and over again makes you feel like the day. You want to make him feel like the night. You want to be more relaxed and bored. [things]It’s like reading a boring book. Do deep breathing exercises, listen to light music, do stress coloring, or do something calming. ”

Dr. Chopra also recommends setting an alarm clock every day and waking up at the same time to “catch up” on tiredness without trying to fall asleep.

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The basic idea is to “get bored” and put yourself to sleep.

Tired and tired or sleepy and tired? How to Combat Daytime Drowsiness and Fatigue – CBS Pittsburgh

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