DVIDS – Information – Pittsburgh District Engineer Corps Releases FY2021 Work Plan

PITTSBURGH – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, released its fiscal year 2021 work schedule for the Army Civil Works program on Jan.

The work schedule enables the Pittsburgh District to begin construction on the Upper Ohio Navigation Project. The project will receive construction funding of $ 22 million in fiscal 2021.

“Adequate funding for the Upper Ohio projects will ensure the region is prepared for an increase in industry, when and if that happens, while maintaining and improving our vital water resource infrastructure,” said Col. Andrew “Coby” Short, commander , Pittsburgh District.

This project was approved for construction in 2016 and received funding from 2017 to carry out pre-construction and design activities. The funds raised under these construction funds will allow for more in-depth design analysis, property acquisitions, and the ability to apply for and award the first mid-size construction contract at the Montgomery Locks near Monaca, Pennsylvania.

“If the district receives adequate funding in the following fiscal years, it could place a major lock construction contract for a new and larger river chamber lock in Montgomery Locks and Dam in 2023,” said Stephen Fritz, program manager for mega-projects in Pittsburgh County.

The Upper Ohio Navigation Project will enable safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable navigation on the Upper Ohio River, a significant part of the country’s extensive inland navigation system. The project includes a major recapitalization of the Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery locks and dams, the oldest and smallest navigation system on the Ohio River.

“Due to the condition and age of these facilities, there is an increased likelihood of unscheduled closings and possible outages that could shut down the river for shipping and have a significant economic impact on the region,” said Fritz. “The project addresses reliability concerns by replacing the aging and degraded auxiliary chamber 56 feet wide by 360 feet long at each of these locks and dams with new primary chambers 110 feet wide and 600 feet long.”

The inland shipping system makes a decisive contribution to national and regional economic development. Transport by water is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly means of transporting bulk goods such as grain, coal and petroleum products.

Over the next 50 years, the Upper Ohio River locks are expected to facilitate the transportation of 15 to 20 million tons of goods a year and bring the nation an average annual benefit of nearly $ 150 million. Regionally, construction is expected to support more than 21,000 full-time positions and the transportation of goods through Emsworth, Dashields and Montgomery will support 3,800 full-time positions annually.

The 26,000 square miles of the Pittsburgh District encompasses parts of western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, eastern Ohio, western Maryland, and southwestern New York. Our jurisdiction includes more than 328 miles of navigable waterways, 23 navigation locks and dams, 16 multi-purpose reservoirs, 42 local flood control projects and other projects to protect and improve the country’s water resources, infrastructure and environment.

Additional responsibilities for the district include providing water, emergency response, and regulating the Clean Water Act. The Corps often works with local communities to improve water supplies, sewer systems, and rainwater infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, the district manages the country’s emergency power contract, which temporarily supplies power to the rundown critical infrastructure. District workers are deployed overseas to help set up, administer, and manage water resources infrastructure projects.
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