Eight PA Cities Amongst Greatest Locations to Retire in 2021: US Information

PENNSYLVANIA – If you’re unsure of where to settle after retirement, look no further than home.

Several Pennsylvania cities are among the best in the United States to retire in 2021, according to a new ranking released Tuesday by US News & World Report.

The new list rates the country’s 150 most populous metropolitan areas on how well they meet Americans’ retirement expectations. Cities are ranked based on factors such as housing affordability, health care, and overall satisfaction.

Pennsylvania’s metropolitan areas performed heavily at the top of this year’s ranking, placing eight cities in the top 30.

While Lancaster was the only Pennsylvania area to crack last year’s top 25, seven Pennsylvania areas were ranked this year, largely due to the accessibility of high quality healthcare facilities. Among them, Lancaster stayed in 5th place, while Allentown catapulted 29 places into 11th place.

All Pennsylvania cities on the list:

5. Lancaster

15. Reading

17. York

19. Philadelphia

21. Scranton

29. Pittsburgh

This year’s ranking is based on the total retirement scores calculated for each city. The pension values ​​were determined using a weighted average of six indices: satisfaction, affordability of housing, quality of health care, pensioner taxes, attractiveness and labor market evaluations.

Information on each index was gathered using data from the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and US News Rankings of the best hospitals.

Florida metropolitan areas took most of the top 10 spots this year. Despite falling health care, housing and satisfaction scores, Sarasota maintained the # 1 position due to increased attractiveness, pensioner taxes and labor market valuations. Naples jumped two places to second, while Daytona Beach landed third.

Here are the top 10 spots for retirement in 2021:

1. Sarasota, Florida
2. Naples, Florida
3. Daytona Beach, Florida
4. Melbourne, Florida
5. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
6. Tampa, Florida
7. Fort Myers, Florida
8. Port St. Lucie, Florida
9. Ann Arbor, Michigan
10. Pensacola, Florida

Check out the full list of the best places to retire.

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