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West Newton, PA (KDKA) – Elizabeth Township residents are passionate about promoting gas-fired power plants.

The Allegheny County Health Department held a hearing on the proposed facility Tuesday. City dwellers worry about their lifestyle as the plant passes by.

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“It’s less than a third of us,” said Kathy Anderson of Elizabeth Township.

She fears that there might be a power plant near the backyard.

“What we’re most afraid of is air pollution, which I think is number one for everyone in the area,” said Anderson.

Chicago-based Invenergy plans to build a 639 megawatt natural gas power plant along the Eugiogeny River. The factory is being built on 91 acres of land adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.

The community has been fighting this proposal for years. The factory was initially set up at a different location.

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Allegheny County’s Health Department will review Tuesday’s comments and decide whether to grant air permits to gas-fired power plants.

“We are not only concerned about air pollution, but also about noise and lighting. Once they put it in, we can’t remove the bell. Either now or never, ”said Township. Local resident Karen Howell said.

Ted Grice said the proposed facility is a new source of pollution in areas with poor air quality.

“We’re in an F-rated location in Allegheny County,” said Grice. “It’s scary for air quality.”

Joan Hall believes the power plant will have a negative impact on the economic futures of wandering cities like West Newton and Starsville.

“The Great Allegheny Passage Trail and the river are coming alive here,” said Hall, who lives in West Newton. “The future of our economy depends on recovery. It doesn’t depend on the fossil fuel industry. “

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Allegheny County said it was too early to come up with a schedule for the permit process.

Elizabeth Township residents reject gas power plant proposal – CBS Pittsburgh

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