EMPOWER360 and Gateway Well being Companions guarantee extra care in underserved communities

PITTSBURGH, February 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – EMPOWER360 powered by Spark360 and Gateway Health Plan Inc. (“Gateway Health”), A leading managed care organization dedicated to caring for the “overall health” of its members today announced a new partnership aimed at providing better levels of care to Gateway Health members to fill the gaps in disparities close in healthcare.

EMPOWER360 is a proven value-driven model of primary care that provides a higher level of care aimed at improving patient outcomes, with providers spending more time with patients. For the first time, providers, specialists, technology and patients are brought together in an ecosystem to implement care plans and drive positive lifestyle and behavioral changes.

The EMPOWER360 membership model includes unrestricted access at the concierge level to preventive care, advice from an on-site pharmacist for drug therapy management, treatment of injuries, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and laboratory work on site. Empower360’s flat rate membership model is a paradigm shift in providing improved access to health care with more care and lower costs, including:

  • 24/7 access to an Empower360 provider
  • Management of drug therapy with an EMPOWER360 pharmacist
  • No co-payments or deductibles for qualified members
  • As much time as necessary for supplier appointments
  • Little to no waiting time to visit a provider and medical appointments on the same day / the next day
  • Specialized video consultations with gateway-certified specialists in Empower360 offices with a provider present
  • Comprehensive test panel for physical and mental wellbeing

“The partnership between EMPOWER360 and Gateway Health offers a revolutionary and sustainable model of health for underserved populations that does not rely on grants. Our model puts the person first. As a doctor, I have sworn that everyone deserves the same level of care in defiance Income, race or creed. At Empower360 we believe we can achieve this goal by simplifying the system and focusing only on our patients’ needs and providing exceptional service, “said Dr. Zane Gates, Chief Medical Officer, EMPOWER360. “We must recognize the innovative and forward-thinking leadership of Gateway Health, recognizing the issues with our current system and willing to partner with EMPOWER360 on this new, value-driven model of primary care that will change the face of health care for those in need.”

Gateway Health has served the most vulnerable Medicare and Medicaid populations in the Commonwealth for nearly 30 years. Through its leading Medicaid and Medicare programs, Gateway Health coordinates health care beyond doctors and medication to provide full-person care to the communities it serves.

“At Gateway Health, we care for all people in all communities where the need is greatest,” he said Glenn Pomerantz, MD, senior vice president of health services, Gateway Health. “We believe that we need a different type of health care to truly care for someone’s health. We face major problems with healthy justice in Pennsylvania This needs to be addressed by health care providers and payers. Our partnership with EMPOWER360 provides our members with the additional resources, support, information, tools, and guidance they need to be successful. “

DR. Zane Gates, a graduate of the Pharmacy and Medical School of the University of Pittsburghfocused on inventing a new model for better health care at a lower cost. That model eventually became the Empower360. Dr. Gates and Co-CEO, Jordan Taradashhave created a disruptive direct wage health care model that removes administrative and bureaucratic barriers that exist in traditional health systems. EMPOWER360 has clinics in Altoona, Cheswick and Johnstownand has expansion plans to open three more clinics in Sheraden, Southpointe and Wexford in 2021.

For more information, please contact Jordan Taradash, jordan.taradash@spark360.com(888) 330-6891, ext. 715.

over EMPOWER360, powered by Spark360

EMPOWER360, supported by Spark360, is a value-driven direct basic service for individuals and employers operating in the West and West Central Pennsylvania including Cheswick, Altoona, and Johnstown. EMPOWER360 offers its members a higher level of care and exceptional member service focused on improving patient outcomes. EMPOWER360 is people-focused and provides better healthcare to everyone in our communities. DR. Zane Gates, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of EMPOWER360, has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. He is fulfilling his lifelong mission to fill the gaps in healthcare disparities. He was the son of a minority single mother and grew up under the Medicaid system.

Information on the gateway status

At Gateway Health, we believe in caring for the whole person in every community where need is greatest. We see a future where everyone has equal opportunities to achieve their best health. Through our leading Medicaid and Medicare programs, Gateway Health coordinates health care beyond doctors and medication to help members achieve not only physical health, but also care for entire people. Our employees support this new type of healthcare in cooperation with a network of 29,000 general practitioners, specialists, hospitals and other aid providers. Gateway Health is also committed to helping our neighbors through our numerous community outreach and engagement programs.

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