Enterprise Proprietor With Large Trump 2020 Flag Ready To Go To Jail For Violating Native Metropolis Guidelines – CBS Pittsburgh

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota man refuses to remove a “Trump 2020” flag that violates city ordinances.

Jay Johnson displays a custom crane flag at his construction store in Buffalo, a small town near Minneapolis.

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“It looks small because it’s 150 feet in the air, but it’s a pretty big flag,” said Johnson.

Jay Johnson (Image Credit: CBS)

He says he took the flag, which measures 50 by 30 feet, down after the election – but decided to put it back up last month. Not long after, some of his work vehicles were shot out of the windows by BB guns. The police are investigating.

“I’m ready to forgive the people who did it,” said Johnson. “You just have to come up front and admit it. I gave out a reward. “

But now Johnson is breaking the law. Buffalo city ordinance states that a large sign must be licensed that he did not apply for. A city official says he is determining how to proceed with enforcement.

“I’ll just put it somewhere else and maybe even a bigger flag,” said Johnson.

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He says the flag cost $ 1,000 and the crane cost $ 50,000.

“I’m ready to get the fines, eventually get handcuffed, go to jail, whatever,” he said.

(Credit: CBS)

Neighbors who see the flag every time they leave their homes have mixed feelings.

“I don’t really bother, it’s just weird to see it again,” said Patrick Cayanan. “How do you advertise again for 2024?”

Cody Hulstein believes the flag is fissile and would prefer to see an American flag.

The city says it has received around 100 formal comments about the flag, and they’re even split between positive and negative.

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Around the same time Johnson had the windows of his cars shot out, police said the same thing happened to a Trump merchandise popup across town. There are no suspects.

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