Excellence in Nursing – Clinician: Shenoa Jamieson

Jamieson is a pediatric nurse at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

S.henoa Jamieson is not afraid of any challenges – she prefers to chase after them. Jamieson has worked with patients facing cancer, developmental disabilities, foster care, and abuse. Today she applies that fearlessness to her role in the Child Advocacy Center at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

“What I do is very difficult, but it is even more difficult for the children and families who have these experiences,” says Jamieson. “I see strength and resilience every day.”

It is natural for the nurse to master difficult situations, which immediately after Hurricane Katrina her family moved to New Orleans for a year in order to combat the resulting health crisis. Since then, she has tirelessly developed her skills and earned certifications from the Commission of Forensic Nursing as a nurse-examiner for children and adults / adolescents. She is also contributing to a new pediatric nurse initiative to support foster children.

At the Child Advocacy Center, COVID-19 managed to make Jamieson’s already daunting job even more difficult. With less exposure to hired reporters, fewer children had access to support.

“Going back to a little normal was tough for us, but we’re getting through,” she says. “I work with a great team and they are all lovely and supportive people, which makes sense since they are in an area where you can communicate very well with each other.”

Jamieson knows that making these connections means building trust with the children and families she sees. She is committed to ensuring that her patients know her as a reliable resource for their general wellbeing, no matter what they need, be it medical care, nutritional assistance or even winter coats.

“My work is very important,” she says.

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