Flash flood leaves path of destruction in Nice Hills – CBS Pittsburgh

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Flash floods left a trail of destruction in Pleasant Hills on Thursday.

Allegheny County said at least eight streets were affected by flooding and at least two vehicles got stuck in rising floods.

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Anna Fitzgerald was at the wheel of a stuck car. She told KDKA’s Royce Jones that she would get something to eat if the rising water swallowed her car. Fitzgerald, who was not injured, added that her car was destroyed.

“One of my biggest fears is being trapped in a car with water,” said Fitzgerald. “So I knew I should close the windows just in case. … We jumped out the window because it was waist high. “

A homeowner in the district is cleaning up after storm water flooded his home on Hi Tor Drive in five minutes on Thursday. He said his home was flooded for the third time this week.

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(Photo credit: KDKA)

The homeowner’s garage was filled with at least four feet of water, causing his lawn equipment and freezer to float in the water. He said several thousand dollars in damage was done and three pumps were required to purify the water.

“All of the water from the street flowed completely into my driveway, through my front yard, through my sidewalk, over my hedges,” said homeowner Douglas Olson.

According to KDKA meteorologist Ray Petelin, heavy rain set in at around 6.45 p.m., with the heaviest precipitation occurring shortly after 7 p.m. The district received an estimated rainfall of 1 to 1 1/5 inches.

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(Photo credit: KDKA)

The flooding came a day after the region was hit by heavy rains and winds. Many communities are still cleaning up as trees and debris litter streets and sidewalks.

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