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YOUNGSTOWN – Freshmade 3D, a portfolio company of the Youngstown Business Incubator, was acquired Wednesday by suburb ExOne Company in Pittsburgh, a manufacturer of 3D printing systems.

With this move, ExOne can offer AMClad Tooling, a Freshmade 3D patented process for infiltrating and coating 3D printed sand molds to give them strength for a variety of tooling applications, including vacuum molding.

According to a press release, Freshmade 3D was already using ExOne systems to make the tools.

“We started AMClad with the idea of ​​using sand 3D printing technology to provide hard tools faster and with more design freedom, so that US manufacturers can produce more locally and faster,” said Rich Wetzel, co-founder of Freshmade 3D, who will now do so Join the ExOne application team. “ExOne is the best company to accelerate this technology as we scale for customers who have chosen to use our solution to help them meet production goals faster. Companies are only just beginning to discover how robust and affordable this technology is over traditional tools. “

In addition to the tools, the AMClad process is used to create works of art or restoration work, including replication statues for museum exhibitions, exterior reproductions for architectural renovations or custom chrome details for vintage cars.

Freshmade 3D was founded in 2016 by Wetzel, Christopher Tomko and Brett Conner.

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